Which niche is making the most money

Make money with niche sites

Many don't believe it, but make money from niche sites is still possible. Why? Because we have been doing it successfully ourselves since 2014 and are still generating regular income as a result. The big advantage of this is that you can set up the pages once and then devote yourself to something else (for example another niche page).

In this way you can gradually build up new sources of income that can grow your monthly income without having much more work than at the beginning. In this article we want to show you how making money with niche sites can work. And which key indicators, in our opinion, are most important.

This should help you to set the focus right from the start in order to achieve the highest possible profitability. If you want to know more about the topic, please register in our free online seminar for digital nomads.

Here we show you how you can gradually develop a very attractive income on the internet can build.

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What is a niche site anyway?

But what is a niche site anyway? A niche site is nothing more than a website that stands out focused on a specific topic. The topics can be set in different areas. Starting with the "do it yourself" area, through reviews on the subject of board games, to a specialist page on the subject of orchids.

It is crucial that the focus is completely on the respective topic. And in principle everything on the topic can be found there. The background is as follows: Niche pages are structured in such a way that they are particularly easy to find by Google. And Google often rewards specialist pages on a certain topic more than individual pages within a general website (for example the FAZ with an article on digital nomadism versus a large specialist page on digital nomadism). Or a comparison site likevergleichstests.org with many general topics, as opposed to a site on a specific product such as my-crosstrainer.de.

This often succeeds in a short time traffic (visitors) on the site and generate income. And if you have many pages in different areas, you can look forward to a constant stream of income after a while. An income stream (source of income) that brings you regular (monthly) income. Most of the money is generated through affiliate income. So if, for example, a certain product is sold on Amazon, you will receive a small commission.

Most of the time, a niche page consists of 10 to 100, or sometimes 200, pages on a particular topic. It always depends on how much potential the respective topic has.

Examples - the best niche sites

There are many different examples of niche sites on the internet. In almost every area there are now niche sites that are focus on a specific topic. However, that does not mean that everything has been “grazed” there and that there is no longer any potential to generate sales yourself. Especially if you set up your own site much better than the competition, the chance of being preferred by Google is high.

Fernstudium-in-deutschland.de is a niche site that is completely restricted to German distance learning courses, for example. Money is earned here by displaying advertising and arranging distance learning courses. The often individually negotiated contracts pay for it when you broker a degree.

A completely different area is, for example, the page relativesrategeber.net. This deals completely with the topic of relationship and partnership. By individual coaching services, E-books and advertisements, money is made here.

Examples from the best niche sites

Another niche site that we would like to introduce to you is, for example, in the area of ​​fishing. At handangeln.de you can find tips on how you can get a fishing license in North Rhine-Westphalia, for example. The site is largely over-funded own products and advertising income.

You can see that the range from the cross trainer to the educational sector to fishing is really wide.

Our niche revenue / earnings

A niche site that we once developed is concart.de. This is a shop for digital products that you can buy directly from Digistore. And as soon as a sale is made, we are credited with a commission.

This is often 10 to 50% - depending on the product and the provider. We have specialized in different categories such as:

  • Business & Investment
  • Internet marketing & e-business
  • Personality development
  • Sports

The nice thing is that digital products can also be bought (and examined) when you are not at home. That also does in principle, the creation of reviews is easier because you can access the products directly.

A few hundred euros a month come together here a lucrative additional income represent.

If you are looking for a niche course to generate such income yourself, and now you feel like getting more, then we recommend you displaythe Affiliate School (available as an online course). Here you can too first register for free and see how you like the course.

Otherwise that is too displayNiche Site Building eBook in the latest and most updated edition by Peer is a great way to start with niche sites. Here you can find all the important facts about you inexpensively at a glance build your first niche page.


As you have seen from the examples, there are many different subject areas. Also for example in the area of ​​"Travel". Below is a selection of possible topics that can be considered in this trip:

  • Backpacker backpack
  • Hand luggage suitcase
  • Hard case
  • suitcase
  • Suitcase set
  • Suitcase backpack
  • Luggage scale
  • Neck pillow
  • Travel adapter
  • Travel pillow
  • Travel bags
  • Backpack trolley
  • Tank bag
  • Trolley

And every single topic usually offers enough potential to build your own website. For example, if you search for the keyword “travel pillow” with the Ubersuggest tool, you will see that there are many more keyword combinations in the “Suggestions! come out of it. These are all other keywords that you can potentially use to build posts within your website:

After a short keyword research you will notice that your "main topic" has a lot of potential for a complete (smaller) website

So you can see that there is a lot of potential even for micronic niches like “travel pillows”. Even if 3,600 searches do not represent the largest search volume in the month. But how to find out if it is really the best niche for you, you will find out below.

Can you still make money with niche sites? Are they worth it?

What exactly are there actually for monetization options in order to make real money with a niche site? And is it even worth it? We'll introduce you to our favorite methods in more detail below.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is certainly one of the most lucrative sources of income. When it comes to affiliate marketing, you recommend a product in another shop on your own niche page. And as soon as a sale is made you will be credited a commission. And the more often you recommend products (and the more visitors you direct through your affiliate links), the higher your earnings will be.

A very well-known affiliate partner program is the Amazon partner network. Here you get up to 10% credited if someone buys your recommended product on Amazon. Like ours, for example displayIllustrated books about the Canary Islands. For example, we also have our own affiliate program that cannot be postponed, with which you receive at least 35% commission on our products.

You can integrate, for example, a link or a banner into your niche site that is linked via an affiliate link. These special links, which have been provided with your affiliate ID and link to the respective product, are issued to you in the respective backend.

And as soon as a sale is made through this link, you will the pre-determined commission will be credited.

A big advantage of affiliate marketing is that you have less to do with creating and shipping or delivering products. Accordingly, you usually do not have to provide any support for the products you have purchased.

On the other hand, you are of course also dependent on if your partner wants to reduce the commissions. Especially when there are no other alternatives, you get into a certain dependency.

Incidentally, we have also written our own article on the topic of “starting with affiliate marketing”. Here you will get the basic possibilities presented again in detail.

If you want to be "sprinkled" yourself and are eager to learn, we also recommend the online seminar "displaythe Stone Age Affiliate Marketing Strategy ”by Ralf Schmitz.

switch advertising

Another way to earn money with a niche site is by placing advertisements or offering banner spaces. We use for it mainly Google AdSense. And we have already written a detailed article on this: Earning money with Google AdSense.

The advantage of AdSense is that you get paid per click. This means that if someone clicks, you will be credited a smaller amount of cent. And this is what a banner can look like:

The content often adapts to your search history. So if you have a particular interest in a pair of shoes on Amazon, they may also be shown to you. Due to the often high willingness to buy Of course, the click probability also increases. And it usually increases your earnings.

As a result, you can of course also boost the income from affiliate links on your niche site. AdSense works really well when you have a lot of visitors on your site. For example, we have an average CTR (click through rate) of around 1%.

So if you have 100 people on your page, usually one will click. If, on the other hand, you have 100,000 people on your site a day, it can quickly become 1000 clicks. And with an average CPC (cost per click) of 0.30 euros, you earn approx. 300 euros a day.

But you have to say that 100,000 people a day very sporty and you need a really big high quality website with a lot of added value. But in order to improve the income on a normal niche site, the placement of advertisements is definitely a good additional income opportunity. Because not everyone will buy from your affiliate link anyway. You can also turn off competitor retargeting ads if you want.

Cooperations (earn money with niche sites)

Cooperations are also a great way to monetize your niche site. For example, by placing paid contributions (sponsored posts) on your site.

You can usually get sponsored posts or paid contributions via direct inquiries on your website or via portals. These include, for example, blogmission.com or ranksider.com. On both portals, advertisers and publishers are brought into contact with one another cooperate with each other to be able to

But we recommend you with it don't overdo it. Because, if only advertising is placed on your website, there is hardly any new added value for your users on a regular basis.

You can also integrate a “media area” on your niche page. Here you can provide potential customers with data about your website. For example, how many visitors there are on average on your website and who you are currently addressing (target group).

Own products

You can also integrate and market your own products on your website. To include:

For example, we recently wrote a whole article on the subject of e-books: Earning money with e-books: 10 tips that work.

The advantage over affiliate products is that yours Margin for own products is usually much higher is. So you can make a lot more money with it if the prices are the same and you sell the same amount.

For the sale of digital products on our niche sites, we use, for example, displayDigistore24. Here you only pay for the service when you actually sell something. Very practical for us and that's why we've been using Digistore since 2015. In conjunction with displayCoachy is also very suitable for selling online courses.

How do you get good ideas? How can you find a lucrative niche?

However, if you decide to build a niche site, it is crucial that you don't just start because you like the topic a lot. Because then you run the risk of wasting lucrative potential. From our point of view, namely three essential things are crucial:

  • Traffic potential
  • Competitor
  • Monetization

All three metrics are decisive for long-term success from your website. If even one adjustment screw is wrong, then in our opinion you should better keep your hands off it. Because if everything is right, then your own personal success is already inevitable.

In our online course “Goodbye 9 to 5 - Becoming a digital nomad” you will find our exclusive niche site builder tool as a bonus, with which you can find out at the push of a button which niche is currently the most lucrative. Including numerous example niches and Consideration of all important key figures like traffic, competition and monetization. In addition, you get many other key figures here to assess your niche.


Let's start with the traffic, i.e. the visitors to your website. If there is no traffic potential for your topic (i.e. no visitors for your website), then the project is in principle already doomed to failure. Because without visitors there is no turnover.

But how can you tell if a particular topic has a lot of potential? It is best to use Ubersuggest again to analyze potential. Here you can in the right column determine the search volume:

If the search volume is given as 3,600, then an average of 3,600 people search for the term “travel pillow” on Google ”. And look for the term "travel pillow test" additional 320 people per month.

But how do you interpret the number now? Quite simply: the higher, the better. But if the search volume is too high then you will Difficulty with the competition to get. For example, 246,000 people search the term “shoes” every month.

It is clear here that it will not be so easy to get placed in the front seats. Because you compete with shoes.de, Zalando and Deichmann. But, if the search volume is too low (in the two-digit or low three-digit range, you will get little traffic even in the top places.

It is therefore always very important to see how much Potential long-term keywords have (for example "travel pillow" + "airplane" etc.)

We always orient ourselves to the fact that the main keyword (for example "travel pillow") should be in the good 4-digit range in order to build up a niche page. If it's in the low 5-digit range that's no problem either.

Then they are Chances of realizing great traffic in the area without encountering too strong competition.


Lucrative niches are also characterized by the fact that the Competition not so big ist. This means that the competition is simply not that big and it is therefore relatively easy to achieve good positions on Google. And that in a relatively short time.

But how do you find Niches with a low competitive ratio?