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Usage examples for "jubeln" in German

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EnglishYou will to cheer and love you for it
If we can come to an agreement at the trialogue meeting tomorrow, we can all to cheer.volume_upmore_vert
EnglishWhy to cheer do they not and praise the draft directive in their comments? volume_upmore_vert
EnglishThousands of learners and teachers will benefit from the additional budget to cheer can.volume_upmore_vert
German (the audience to cheer) The Pakistani batsman tries to pass the field player. Volume_upmore_vert
However, you know very well that the peoples and the workers are neither to cheer still applaud. volume_upmore_vert
Instead of worrying about falling prices for fattening pigs, farmers can then worry about rising fuel prices to cheer.volume_upmore_vert
On this anniversary, Parliament and Europe in general should discuss freedom to cheeron which Europe is founded
German (laughter) (sigh of relief) (cheers) (apllaus) volume_upmore_vert
EnglishWe cheered over Rio.volume_upmore_vert
German (cheers) India is T20 world champion
German (cheers) (honking) There is the grandstand. Volume_upmore_vert
It caused immense cheers in the control room volume_upmore_vert
German (cheers) Sebastian Seung: What am I? Volume_upmore_vert
EnglishThe end result, however, does not make me cheer. Volume_upmore_vert
EnglishFirst of all, a reason not to just burst into jubilation
German (cheers) My parents were radicals - (laughter) and now they became adults. Volume_upmore_vert
German (music) The people cheered for this delight and this miracle.volume_upmore_vert
EnglishMr President, the Amsterdam Treaty is not a summit, and for To cheer there is no reason.volume_upmore_vert
German (music) And then Shahrukh Khan, the spectator in Calcutta To cheer brought.volume_upmore_vert
When the Airbus 380 hit the tarmac last summer, we all cheered. Volume_upmore_vert
EnglishMr President, this is a debate for legal connoisseurs and my legal heart is also cheering. Volume_upmore_vert
I hope the cheers will be even greater on Thursday. Volume_upmore_vert
German (cheers) You were happy because the stories survived and because the world would keep making up some
EnglishBut cheers here in Parliament about your own great achievements, I would think about it three times! Volume_upmore_vert
I don't know if this generated the greatest cheers, or if someone visited the Google page and found the start page like this: volume_upmore_vert
I was raised on the motto "Be yourself" (cheers) Hip-Hop - not so many woohoos for hip-hop here. Volume_upmore_vert
It is by no means appropriate, however, for Parliament to cheer over the current state of development of the monetary union. Volume_upmore_vert
EnglishMrs President, in my opinion Mrs Banotti has no reason to To cheerbecause there are now two Dutch channels; volume_upmore_vert
Perhaps this view will not be cheered in this Parliament, but it will be a great joy in the homes and on the streets of the countries we all represent
I see the importance of the aim of the report, but I am not ready to join the general cheers because I also see a number of inconsistencies
For many years now, this country has achieved good economic results, which would be a reason to cheer in the vast majority of the euro countries
EnglishThe shareholders of Elsevier Read cheered at the recent merger with Wolters-Kluwer, an absolute concentration of power in the field of scientific publications
EnglishWhy is progress not possible in a European field in which the citizens would accompany it with jubilation, in contrast to other developments where they are more reluctant? Volume_upmore_vert
EnglishAnd seeing all these people coming to greet me and standing on the tops of the cliffs applauding and cheering, I felt like a movie star volume_upmore_vert
EnglishAlthough not everyone To cheer brings, it does not contain a single point that leads to a deterioration in relation to the applicable legality
I've been to many shows of Kick-Ass and I love to hear the laughter and that To cheer of the audience