What is the scariest cult in the world

To shudder: The scariest forests in the world

Legendary forest in Romania

The Hoai-Baciu is located in Romania, more precisely in the famous region of Transylvania. Officially, it is considered a recreation and hiking area. However, some paranormal activities are said to have already taken place in the forest. That is why it is nicknamed the “Bermuda Triangle of Europe”.

UFOs are said to have been sighted in it several times. In addition, a shepherd and his 200 sheep are said to have simply disappeared. Another legend has it that a five-year-old girl once disappeared here and was found five years later. In all that time, however, it should not have aged by a day. Because of these myths, many adventurers set out every year to explore the forest (mainly at night).

The Dowhill Forest in India

Many murders are said to have been committed in the foggy, opaque forests of northeast India. In addition, visitors report that they felt they were being watched over and over again. Allegedly, a red eye should always keep an eye on visitors, at least that is a widespread rumor.

There is also a legend among the locals of an allegedly headless boy who is said to be up to mischief in the forest. With its huge trees, the forest appears threatening and frightening to some people.

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The Doll Island in Mexico

Now it's getting really scary: On a wooded island in Mexico City, the "Isla de las Munecas", there are almost 1,000 mutilated dolls hanging high in the trees. But why? According to stories, the fisherman Julian Santana Barrera found the body of a drowned girl here in 1951.

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After that, he apparently felt haunted by his spirit. This is said to have ordered him to collect toys. So he kept an eye out for discarded dolls in canals and rivers. By doing this he hoped to calm the dead girl's mind.

However, since he was still plagued by fears, he began to mutilate the dolls and hang them in the trees as a kind of deterrent. In 2001, Santana Barrera died and is said to have drowned in exactly the same place as the girl he found in 1951. Today the creepy dolls are a real tourist attraction in Mexico.

Wychwood Forest in England

There is also a creepy legend about Wychwood Forest, which is near Oxford. More than 400 years ago, Amy Rosart, the wife of the Earl of Leicester, is said to have died here under unknown circumstances. Years later, her widower is said to have met her ghost while hunting in the forest. As a result, he is said to have died of a strange disease.

Visitors have also reported strange occurrences in the woods. The neighing of horses can be heard out of nowhere. Others said they were allegedly touched by invisible hands.

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The Witches Forests of Burkittsville

The next cult goes back to the famous 1999 horror film "Blair Witch Project". In the forests of Burkittsville, Maryland, it is said that the witch of Blair was once up to mischief. For the pseudo-documentary film, three actors equipped with cameras were sent into the forest to discover the secrets of the witch who is associated with child murders. There was no precise script.

In the nights unreal things happen: you can hear children screaming, piles of stones are scattered around the protagonists' tents. In order to play the slow loss of nerves as realistically as possible, the actors' food rations were continually shortened by the film makers during the course of the shoot.

Due to the camera work, one initially believes that it is a real documentary and not a film. This “authenticity” of the film made the creepy forests of Burkittsville a popular tourist destination after the film aired. Although the plot is fictitious, the horror factor remains high.