How do I say congratulations in French

Translation of "Congratulations" in French

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Congratulationsthat you have the courage to start something new!
Thank you and Congratulations to the rapporteur.
To conclude, again Congratulations to Mr. Bontempi!
I am speaking for everyone when I say: Congratulations.
Three points: first, Congratulations the rapporteur; this is a huge job, a good job.
Mr President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen! For the time being Congratulations the rapporteur for the global view of this very important part of the policy of the European Union.
Monsieur le Président, Madame le Commissaire, Mesdames et Messieurs, each voudrais tout d 'abord féliciter le rapporteur pour la vision global qu'elle a eu de cet aspect important pour la politique de l'Union européenne.
And here is the winning photo from Help-Alpnach - Congratulations! The surprise prize was sent to the Help group by post.
Création du groupe Help de la vallée de la Zulg 24.4.2013 Le groupe Help de la vallée de la Zulg a été créé il y a quelques jours.
My Congratulations at your graduation.
Félicitations d'avoir été reçu, geomètre !

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Who the Greek Presidency has served can be seen from the warm congratulations by Messrs. Bush and Powell, but also from the outcry of the peoples.
Au vu des félicitations chaleureuses de MM. Bush et Powell, mais aussi des protestations des citoyens, l'on sait clairement qui la présidence grecque soutenait.
In these Congratulations and he relates these good wishes to Lady Slynn cordial a.
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