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- A large article about Linda McMahon and the WWE appeared in the local Connecticut newspaper. Among other things, this article contains an alleged reason for the impact on PG entertainment: The aim was to make the WWE more attractive for sponsors and as an advertising platform. Linda's attempt to get into politics should have nothing to do with it. Logically, however, from then on there were steps to keep the WWE as small as possible as a target for political opponents. Among other things, all videos of the Attitude Era have been removed from the network.

WWE currently has 705 full-time employees and has paid a total of $ 82.15 million in salaries in addition to healthcare benefits ($ 106,000 average). The WWE also has a total of 156 wrestlers and actors under contract, 88 of them in the main roster and 68 in the development system. These athletes and actors were paid a total of $ 39 million in salaries ($ 250,000 the average) and no wrestler who got through the full roster is said to have made less than $ 100,000. A total of 8.06% of the total income goes to the actors and athletes. Compared to NFL, NBA or NHL players, very little, in these leagues the athletes receive almost 50% of the total income. Although stars like Dwayne Johnson, who are sure to make a few billion a year, are probably missing from the stated salaries, the percentage hardly climbs to 10% even with these huge salaries. Of course, this comparison lags, but explains, among other things, why the WWE makes so much profit compared to other sports.

The key is the minimum wage the WWE pays wrestlers. That wage is much less than an athlete's wage in a sport like baseball or football, although those athletes don't come close to making as much money as WWE Superstars. What the wrestlers earn outside of this minimum wage is calculated from PPV sales, merchandise items, house show appearances and videos & video games in which the respective wrestler appears. Wrestlers also don't get a share of TV fees, which, if you see WWE as a sport, is the branch of income that has the most potential for growth.

- According to the Wrestling Observer, WWE has changed plans for the Survivor Series for a variety of reasons. Among other things, it is believed that the main event scheduled between Team Punk and Team Foley would hardly generate any buyers. In fact, this conclusion applies to most of the WWE PPVs with tag team matches in the main event in the past, only in the rarest of cases has this pattern been broken. For this reason, the whole concept of the Bragging Rights PPV was dropped.

In addition, the first sales of Hell in a Cell on DirecTV were "surprisingly strong". Reportedly, McMahon attributes these good numbers to Ryback and feels that the powerhouse would go under in a 10-man tag team match, even though Ryback would likely end up as one of the winners in the ring. McMahon wants to benefit from Ryback's momentum and has therefore sent him into the title race one more time.

- John "Bradshaw" Layfield has now confirmed on Facebook that he has agreed on a long-term cooperation with WWE and that he will again take on the role of SmackDown commentator fulltime from now on. According to JBL, he will form the commentary duo with Josh Matthews on SmackDown, while Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole will take on this role on RAW. Furthermore, the former WWE Champion will also step in at the "Main Event" if The Miz occasionally takes on a larger role (matches) at the show and therefore cannot comment.

- As reported by the Wrestling Observer, WWE officials will meet with officials from the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales on Friday morning during the current European tour to negotiate a possible collaboration. So you are obviously planning a bigger show, maybe. even host a PPV in the 74,500-seat Millennium Stadium. Similar meetings have already taken place in London and Manchester (Old Trafford) over the past few days. Should you actually come to an agreement with one of the three venues, the first WWE PPV in Europe since SummerSlam 1992 (London) could soon be in the house.

- There is an update on some of the currently injured WWE Superstars and their possible comebacks. Mark Henry is likely to return to the shows towards the end of 2012. Hunico, who sustained a cruciate ligament rupture, is expected back towards the end of January 2013, while Evan Bourne will probably have to take a break until spring 2013. However, it seems that Christian's comeback is imminent. According to current information, “Captain Charisma” will celebrate its return to TV shows in late November - early December.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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