Why is Switzerland a safe country

"Switzerland is no longer a safe country" - this is how the SVP wants to win the elections

"Switzerland is no longer a safe country" - this is how the SVP wants to win the elections

The SVP no longer considers Switzerland to be a safe country. In their opinion, this is due to a weak policy, a lenient application of the law and the opening of the borders by the Schengen Agreement.

Switzerland is therefore one of the countries with an increased crime rate today, the party said in front of the media in Bern on Tuesday. The country must be prevented from becoming an “Eldorado for criminals”.

In its strategy paper “Crime and Security”, the SVP demands strict penalties from politicians and their rigorous application. In addition, the borders would have to be controlled again as they were before joining the Schengen Agreement. Switzerland is surrounded by weakened states from which it can hardly expect any help in critical situations.

Immigration as the cause

The party states that the state now has a tendency to take care of everything. But he doesn't care about the most important thing, namely securing the freedom of his citizens and protecting them from crime. For the SVP, crime has a name: unrestrained immigration.

For this purpose, the party uses the 2018 statistics: 432,754 violations of the criminal law (-1.4% compared to the previous year), 76,308 violations of the Narcotics Act (-4.7%) and 38,405 violations of the Aliens Act (+0, 9%). The number of foreign offenders has increased by four percent. Only a quarter of the 128,621 thefts had been cleared up.

According to the SVP, this has a direct effect on the public's sense of security. Many no longer felt safe. Older people and women would hardly dare to go out into the streets in the evening, writes the party in the paper.

That is what the SVP demands

In order to remedy the situation, the SVP presents a catalog of requirements. The state must stop handling perpetrators with kid gloves. The penalties would have to be adapted to the current circumstances.

The party considers conditional fines to be ineffective and therefore wants to abolish them. The penal code must be changed with the aim of abolishing “penalty discounts”. Citizenship should be able to be withdrawn more easily. The consistent deportation of criminal foreigners is another requirement.

No more tolerance

The SVP propagates zero tolerance against organized crime. Young people who are conspicuous for violent acts for the first time should be strictly put in their place. In the event of repetition, the state would have to take tough action. Certain young violent criminals would have to be deported to their countries of origin.

The SVP also demands zero tolerance for sexual offenses and violence against women. Child marriages under the age of 16 should be punished as a forced marriage and thus a criminal offense.

Another requirement is Swiss law before foreign judges. And jihad travelers should be deprived of their Swiss citizenship where possible. In addition, they should be allowed to be arrested as a preventive measure.