What is an unspoken rule of life

What strange rules in life do you stick to?

Everyone has unspoken rules, habits and habits that are followed meticulously. From shopping to eating to behavior in public transport - all of this can be reflected in various rules of life.

So it goes without saying for the author never to take the foremost product on the shelf when shopping or under no circumstances to hold on to the handle with your entire hand on public transport - this at least gives the impression of hygienic safety. Or you always start studying on the hour, and if it's only one minute after that, you have to wait for the next - procrastination has to be learned.

Some rules of life can have something to do with superstition - never leave the laundry hanging over the turn of the year - or with pragmatic thoughts: never switch on the washing machine in the morning. Other rules of life make less sense: cut off the edge of every piece of meat, always leave a sip of the coffee, or rearrange the arrangement of cheese and sausage of the meat seller for a Weckerl.

Rules of life from funny to irrational

A Twitter user asked his followers about their strange rules in life. Shake off sensible activities like dairy products ...

... about the classic toothbrushing ...

... up to the morning dressing ritual, everything is included.

Some rules of life can be adapted for yourself ...

... and some are just irrational (or are they?).

About donut rituals and other habits

The list goes on and on: Many people share the rule that you always start eating the donut at the injection hole or that you read magazines from the back. Some people always go to the middle cubicle in the toilet, or the volume of the television on the graduated scale has to result in an even number for them. And some rules of life come from habit: Every day at 7 p.m. mom speaks on the phone - no ifs or buts. Discuss their strange rules in life in the forum! (rec, 11/28/2017)