Is sex healthy 1

How much sex is healthy?

Sex helps against headaches, sex protects against osteoporosis and even strengthens the immune system - scientific studies suggest that a lot of sex is particularly healthy. Advertising thrives on bare skin and Viagra promises physical enjoyment into old age. Can sex actually keep up with exercise in terms of its effects on the body, and if so, should it be done every day for the sake of health? When does the psyche also get in touch? has taken a closer look at the human issue.

Body training

"Sex acts like soft training on the body, the cardiovascular system is stimulated, you breathe more," says doctor and sex therapist Elia Bragagna. According to an American study, regular sex can also relieve migraines and reduce the risk of cancer in men, because every ejaculation is something of a "small service" for the prostate. An Australian research team has found that men who ejaculate particularly frequently between the ages of 20 and 50 have a lower risk of developing prostate cancer later on. According to a study by the British Health Service, sex is even more valuable than sport in terms of health: the more orgasms the better - but according to the researchers, sex must take place every day to have all kinds of positive physical effects.

Hormones for feeling elated

Sex also gets the hormonal balance going, testosterone and estrogen levels rise. The former makes men more resilient and the latter makes women more beautiful. Endorphins provide the necessary feeling of high, which otherwise often only comes to the fore after long endurance training. The feeling of wellbeing is good for the psyche, as is relaxation after an orgasm. Sex hormones make you happy and relieve pain. Emotionally, body contacts in the form of sensual touches trigger a feeling of attachment.


Given these benefits, should we have sex as often as possible? Sexologist Bragagna is already tired of this question: "Sex is always good when the dose is right." Two times good sex is worth more than five times less satisfactory. She sees the "oversexualization of society" as a burden for many people. And ultimately, the mixture of tension and relaxation during sex can also cause headaches. Sex is not a miracle cure, especially "when the body says no".

"I know many more people who get sick because sex is always an issue," says the doctor from experience. For them it is "shocking" that every third young woman suffers from listlessness and many young men from erectile dysfunction. "Young, beautiful people come to my practice with sexual disorders," says Bragagna. They are expected to have sex particularly often and with a particularly large number of girls, and many cannot cope with this pressure. The pharmaceutical industry naturally benefits from the fact that sexual functioning is ubiquitous. "In this respect, it is problematic for me when I hear the saying 'If you want to be healthy, have sex'", says the doctor.

Positive sex

But when is sex good? "You acquire sexuality for a lifetime, it is a learning process on a psychological and physical level," explains sex pedagogue and health psychologist Wolfgang Kostenwein from the Austrian Institute for Sexual Education. Self-confidence and a positive approach to one's own body are important for good sex, because "after all, the body is the instrument we play on". The sex pedagogue still sees the problem of education in school: "Because the topic has to do with emotions, many teachers leave it at the biological level, but the youngsters cannot do that because they cannot embed what they hear in their world of experience . " How to use a condom is discussed, but not when and exactly that is a tricky question, because many young boys do not want to be too pushy in intimate situations.

Does sex have to be fun? "The fun factor alone is not enough," says Kostenwein, "but an enjoyable approach is important." For him, sex is more than fun. "The zeitgeist today is more concerned with the superficial sexuality of porn." If fun means living out sex in a self-determined way and perceiving yourself, that is very positive.

Conclusion: if you look more closely, how much is there to answer the questions? Where? when? and how? of course not a universally applicable patent recipe. What is healthy is what is good and if a few calories are burned on the side, immune cells are formed and hormones ensure relaxation - all the better. (, February 11, 2010)