How to Increase Instagram Followers

Would you like to increase your Instagram reach? Which Instagram tips will work in 2020?

Instagram is currently one of the hottest social media platforms. No matter whether private person, company or influencer - almost everyone has a profile and posts, comments or likes. Using the following 10 simple tips, we will show you how you can achieve more reach on Instagram. More reach means that your company will be seen more often. This increases the likelihood that you can win more customers, for example.

Here are 10 SIMPLE Instagram tips

1. Optimize YOUR Instagram profile

Let's start with the basics: Does your Instagram profile have the real name? Ideally, it should match the company name to make it easier for users to search. If you are just starting out with your Instagram account, you can also use relevant search terms on your behalf. Other important components of the profile:

    • Profile pic: if it's a person, show your face! The logo or the campaign key visual is ideal for companies.
    • Feed: Your published contributions are displayed here. Pay attention to a uniform imagery. The visual approach is crucial, especially on Instagram.
      More on this below at # 6
    • Bio (biography): Here you should give a short and concise list of the most important information about your company. Brandes hashtags & a link should also be part of your bio.
    • Story highlights:Stories have now become one of the most important formats on Instagram. Usually stories disappear after 24 hours. By storing them in the stories, you can extend the lifespan. The stories can then be accessed indefinitely.
      More about stories at # 4

Inform your target groups and followers on other platforms via your Instagram account. This includes, for example, your website, email signature, and other social media platforms. With cross marketing, you can increase your reach right from the start.

2. Post regularly and at popular times

With Instagram Insights you can find out when your community is most active. Post at these times. In this way you can guarantee your posts a high reach. In order to be successful on Instagram, you should also post regularly. In this way, you always offer your followers new content and are rewarded with more reach by the Instagram algorithm. A good frequency for a company account is 3-5 posts per week.


3. Interact with your community

If you increase the interaction and the relationship with your followers, this has a positive effect on your Instagram reach. What are your followers interested in? How do you feel about certain topics? Answer the comments under the posts. This doubles the number of comments on the one hand, and on the other hand it shows your followers that you are available for them. The key to success is not waiting for someone else's action, but being active yourself. Like and comment on other people's posts to make new contacts and get followers. Follow users and hashtags that are relevant to you. Example: We as an agency follow customers, potential customers and partners. By interacting with the contributions of potential customers, we draw their attention to us.


Use the Instagram stories to get to know your community: post surveys, use hashtags or create a quiz. Certain stories can also be saved as “highlights”. So your new followers can also view stories that were posted more than 24 hours ago.

It is advisable to increase the reach of your stories

      • mark the location
      • Tag other accounts
      • Set relevant hashtags
5. Use hashtags

The double cross can have a real miracle effect on Instagram. Find out which hashtags are currently trending in your industry and use them in your stories and posts. A tool that can be used for this:
If you are just starting out with your (company) account, it makes sense to use smaller & relevant hashtags. A rule of thumb: the hashtags should contain fewer than 1,000,000 posts. At the same time, however, more than 50,000 contributions. Otherwise the hashtags will have too little traffic.

Once you have created a certain reach, you can also start creating and using your own hashtags.

6. Create a unified feed

Instagram is first and foremost about looks. The first time they visit your profile, users have to be convinced. Nobody wants to see a wild mixture of colors and motifs. Always use similar image editing tools and filters to create a coherent feed. Aesthetic feeds have a better chance of attracting visitors as followers and being recommended. In most cases, more followers lead to a greater reach.

7. Work with influencers

The content creators are the most sought after advertising faces these days. Thanks to their large community, influencers bring reach and attention. When it comes to marketing, companies rely on the combination of Instagram and influencer, especially when addressing young people. Micro-influencers in particular are suitable for effective influencer campaigns on Instagram.



You can also advertise on Instagram. Do you want to increase your Instagram reach and, above all, reach Instagram users who are not yet following you? Then use Instagram Ads and give users an insight into your company. You can use demographic characteristics, behavioral patterns or your own data (such as e-mail lists) to reduce wastage and only address those people who are relevant to your company. You can reach users in the story, in the feed and in the Explore tab. Here you can find out how to place the ads and what makes a good Instagram advertisement.

You can address a large audience with a smaller budget. Example: In some cases it is possible to achieve a reach of 1,000 users for just EUR 0.63.


9. Collaborate with other accounts

“Sharing is caring” - this also applies to Instagram. Do you work with other people in the analog world? Then link these people or companies on your posts or in your story. Both you and the tagged person benefit from this and you benefit from each other's reach. In addition, you can create original content with other users that will be posted on both accounts.


Keep you up to date. What's the trend right now? Are there any current challenges on Instagram? Then use this: join in and increase your reach.

A current "hack" to achieve free range: own Instagram story filter.These are created quickly. If successful, it will bring you free reach for your Instagram account. All you need is an account on Facebook and SparkAr Studio.

Hopefully these tips will help you gain brand awareness. If you want to learn more about Instagram, read our article on Instagram Strategy.

Now it's your turn! Which approaches work best for you? Please leave us a comment. We look forward to your thoughts on this 🙂