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ALinkedIn company profile offers entrepreneurs a variety of opportunities to present themselves optimally online. In conjunction with a professionally designed private LinkedIn profile help business pages to gain further visibility and hold a lot of potential in terms of things marketing andEmployer branding.

But one Company page on LinkedIn offers even more advantages. After the table of contents, let's take a look at the most important at a glance.


Benefits of a LinkedIn Company Page

  • The business profile optimally presents your company, not just individual employees.
  • Employees can become company ambassadors (and make your company known).
  • Updates have a greater reach than other platforms.
  • Receive notifications when someone mentions your brand.
  • You create a great stage for yourself to spread important company news.
  • Your LinkedIn company profile is free and does not incur any additional costs (unless you use the advertising functions).


The possibilities and advantages of a company profile on LinkedIn are diverse. The question of whether it is worthwhile for your own business can therefore be answered with yes in most cases. They also speak for this 500 million LinkedIn users worldwide and the over 11 million accounts in the DACH area.



Before starting, there are a few things to consider so that your own company profile can be built up smoothly:


What are the requirements for a company page on LinkedIn?

For the sake of clarity, I would like to present this information to you as a checklist:


  • You must have a personal LinkedIn profile with your first and last name.
  • This profile cannot be younger than seven days.
  • You need an at least partially completed profile and several connections to other LinkedIn profiles.
  • You must be an employee of the company and have this position listed in the (professional) experience section.
  • The company's email address itself must be unique.
  • Generic domains like gmail.de or yahoo addresses are not limited to a company and therefore cannot be used to create a company website.


New: Take a look at the comfort of the Video tutorial on how to create a LinkedIn company profile and gain new followers:



How do I create a LinkedIn business account?

As already mentioned, you first need a personal LinkedIn profile.

Also, make sure your company doesn't already have a page on LinkedIn. Then nothing stands in the way of the new company page on LinkedIn 🙂

In the following, I'll show you the steps you need to take to create your LinkedIn company profile:


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How to add a company page

First, move the cursor from your home page to “Work” and select “Create a company page”.



Now choose the Company Page Type you want to create:



Then give the Company information a:



Then click "Create Page" to continue.

Congratulations, you've already created your company page!

Now is the time to tweak these:


Optimize your business page

First, write a convincing one Summary. If someone takes the time to scroll down to this description, then they have already shown interest in your business. That is why you should clearly describe what your company is about, what you make possible for your customers and ideally also what motivation drove you to found the company.

Use relevant ones in this description keywordsso that potential prospects, new contacts and customers can find you more easily in the search engines (and on LinkedIn itself).


Add a background image and logo

Now complete the LinkedIn Company Page by typing a Cover or background image (Size: 1,536 x 768 pixels) and specify the location.

In this video I'll show you how to be a convincing background image can create:



Another tip:If you're using Canva, just click on the “Use custom dimensions” option on the dashboard and set the template to 646 x 220 pixels.

Fill the other areas of your account with content as well. By and large, you can use theTips in this articleorientate.

Also don't forget an appealing one Account picture to add. This can, for example, simply be the company's logo. The recommended size is 300 x 300 pixels.

Congratulations, you have yours LinkedIn company profile already set up and filled with the correct information. Now you can start promoting your site and new followers to win for it:


Get new followers with content marketing

By the Share important news tailored to your target audience, you stay in the memory of your followers and also attract new fans. Always make sure to keep content full added value, e.g. to share important blog posts from your company blog. That takes care of trust and shows your followers that you are an important resource in your field and a real one expert for your topic.

You can also share posts directly via LinkedIn and use the network as an extended blog. This is a useful extension of your Content Marketing Strategythat will ensure further trust in your brand and increase your reach.

For more tips for successful content marketing download the free and quickly implementable checklist down:


Around Contributions To share, simply select your company page as an administrator by clicking on your account picture in the top right corner. Then click Share Article, Video, Document, or Post. Then you can enter your post text. Of course, you can also share URLs, the preview of which will then be loaded automatically.



You can also use the corresponding symbols to share photos, videos and, relatively recently, documents (e.g. PDFs). Rich media content Integrating it makes sense, because you will draw the attention of your followers to your content and encourage them to share it. Then click on “Post” when you have entered everything.

You can also forbid comments on your post - but I don't recommend that, because you want as much as possible interaction to reach your posts.

Basically, the whole thing works like if you were to share a post or update on your private page. You can find one hereGuide to LinkedIn Publisher.


Be active in relevant Linkedin groups

Another tip is to be active in relevant LinkedIn groups. By being active in the right LinkedIn groups, you can connect with new prospects and followers.

At the same time, you make them aware of yours LinkedIn company profile and win new followers added.

Help others in the groups, show yours Expertise and make the other group members aware of you and your site and offers. The great thing about it is that you not only reach existing fans, but also other experts from your industry and new potential followers.

Suitable groups can be found via the Search function at the top of your Linkedin page. Just enter your keyword here and you will be introduced to different groups. Of course, you can also found your own group, which you then provide with relevant information and encourage the members to participate and discuss.

Add this Then add the group to your company pageto make even more LinkedIn members aware of it.


Advertise with LinkedIn

Of course, you can also advertise your company profile on LinkedIn. In addition to the so-called Sponsored content LinkedIn offers you other advertising solutions such as Text Ads and Sponsored InMails.



You can find more information about advertising with LinkedIn here.


Use Showcase Pages

Showcase Pages or. Focus Pages basically work like subdomains and allow you to highlight certain areas of your company or, for example, current promotions.

Interested LinkedIn members can follow your focus pages and are informed about updates. You can create up to ten Showcase Pages per company page. You can find out more about the topic here.


This is how you use your profile to find new employees

LinkedIn is ideally suited to score points with potential applicants as an attractive employer. In order to use the full potential of your company page on LinkedIn in this area as well, you should always keep the description text (which we discussed above) up to date.

Add here Career information and opportunities and share them again and again via your page. Ask existing customers about product and service reviews and testimonials. Sharing these testimonials can build a strong trust among potential visitors.

With the “career pages”, LinkedIn provides you with further opportunities to find the right ones.You can find more information here.


Analyze your company page regularly

As an entrepreneur, you can use the internal page analyzes to delve deeper into customer behavior. By using the Tracking system you can learn more about your followers, their trends, growth options and other important metrics.

The Keys to growing your site is the analysis of the collected data as well as the subsequentoptimization and Adaptation your strategy. By adjusting your strategy over and over again, you can get the most out of it and help your company continue to grow.


I hope I was able to help you create your own LinkedIn company profile with this article.

Further Quickly implementable and effective tips for successful marketing with LinkedIn you can find in thefree LinkedIn checklist. In it I bring everything important for you to the point, so that you can get yours right away Optimize LinkedIn Marketing can:



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I wish you a lot of joy and success!

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