Why do we need an SI engine

A question about the two engines mentioned above:

Is it possible to get more than 260PS out of my 330ci while sleeping with one or the other? The si engine from the Z4 is also a 3 liter and should be identical, right?
The engine in the 330ci is a M54B30, the one in the Z4 is a N52B30. There is except that both "3 liters" are almost nothing identical
The one in the 330ci has 2979ccm, the one in the 3.0si 2996ccm. HubxBbohrung are completely different (89.6 x 84.0 vs 88 x 85 mm)

The first is made of aluminum, the second is made of aluminum-magnesium (each in parts). The N52 also has different camshafts (material and shape), different manifolds, Valvetronic and electric water pump. Exactly one part is identical: the BMW emblem on the engine cover.

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