Are people animals or extraterrestrials

Extraterrestrials: "They watch us like mice"

Vienna. Small and green, with big eyes and a big head: this is how many people imagine an alien. The classic alien, as it is supposed to have been preserved in the restricted military area of ​​Area 51 in southern Nevada (USA) since the 1947 crash of a flying saucer, suspected by conspiracy theorists, the Roswell incident. But not all associate the question of extraterrestrial life, if they believe in it at all, with small, green males. But on the contrary. The "Wiener Zeitung" asked around and asked passers-by on the Vienna Danube Canal.

Doris, 20 years old

"I am convinced that there are aliens. They are either extremely large and we are microscopic or vice versa. So they are microscopic and we are huge. I imagine them as a wobbly mass, but they definitely have two eyes. With them they can watch us. "

Magdalena, 21 years old

"Aliens are definitely there. To me, they're white, ten feet tall and have two long legs so they can move around. The legs are thin, the rest of the body is more spherical. They're definitely evil. Smarter than man and evil. I believe they are watching us. "

Arianna, 24 years old

"If you look at the universe, as big, as infinite as it is, then there must be other life. There must be different aliens on the different planets. But they look similar to life on earth, I think maybe like insects. Definitely not as typically alien-like with a big head, big eyes and a small body. They're not on earth. Because when they look at us, they'll say we're evil. "

Felix, 30 years old

"The aliens are already among us. They live in human form on earth, you can recognize them by the fact that they look like lizard people. For example Marc Zuckerberg (US founder of Facebook, note). There are strange videos on the Internet, in which you can see that he has a hard time drinking a glass of water. The eye movements are not stereotypical. They are characteristics that cannot be ascribed to the average person on earth. I think they just want to explore us. "

Lisa, 18 years old

"I believe in aliens, there may already be some on earth. Definitely on other planets. I believe that they look like humans, but are a bit supernatural. There are people who are different, they are aliens . But they don't want any harm. Just live with us. "

Arthur, 29 years old

"I think aliens are bacteria. They exist in space and on earth. But are they intelligent? What do we mean by intelligent? Just because something is alive doesn't mean that it wonders how we."

Emily, 20 years old

"I do believe that there is something extraterrestrial, but not on earth. I can't describe them, but they don't look like little green men and neither do they look like humans. Maybe they have already discovered us."

Alex, 22 years old

"I imagine them to be god-like. They watch us like mice. That wasn't always the case, they have evolved just like us in the course of evolution, but in different ways. Either they are not intelligent enough to contact us, or intelligent enough not to. "

Jimmy, 66 years old

"I think it is very likely that there are extraterrestrials, they exist 99 percent. What they look like depends on their environment, for example they could be gaseous and live among us so that we cannot see them at all. what we perceive is only a fraction of what there is. Perhaps some on earth, scientists or politicians, already know more about it. But they do not make it known. Because that would lead to chaos. The whole religion would be by the devil. "

Vered, 23 years old

"They are not on earth yet. Otherwise they would have killed us all by now."

Paul, 53 years old

"Life is always adapted to its habitat. Carbon, nitrogen, space is full of the basic chemical elements. It is very likely that similar life has developed from them outside of the earth. I know whether it wants to or can contact us Not. I don't think that an alien actually crashed to earth once and is now in Area 51. If you can fly to Earth, you are not too stupid to park. "

Manü, 36 years old

"The extraterrestrials are protozoa, just like we were at the beginning of the life story. It took us five billion years. They are very small, like a splash of paint on my glove. There is potential in everyone. I believe that in every living being can become something, in the sense of self-optimization. If they mix with us, that is good for us. Because we are also bacterial beings, an ecosystem, that can only be enriched. "