What are the fees of COEP

Waste disposal fees 

The waste disposal is carried out on behalf of the city by AVEA GmbH & Co KG.

On behalf of the city, the AVEA distributes a waste calendar every year, which contains the collection dates and everything important to do with waste disposal (e.g. allocation of bulky waste dates, mobile hazardous substances, container locations for glass and paper, etc.). In principle, 30 liters of residual waste volume per person are provided every 14 days, for recyclable materials 40 liters per 4 weeks.

The assessment basis for the waste disposal fees is the number of registered residents or population equivalents for a property. In 2020, a four-person household paid EUR 345.36 per year in accordance with the fee statute for 14-day emptying and 120 liters of residual waste. This fee rate includes all waste management services that are provided in Leverkusen: from the disposal of residual waste bins in households to the use of the "recycling center" and the decentralized green waste containers to the disposal of wild rubbish in the city area and emptying of the waste baskets in public space.

The fees per inhabitant / inhabitant equivalent in 2021 for self-composting on the property are 81.12 euros. The fee rate without composting yourself on the property is 92.99 euros.

You can download the applications for the reduction in self-composting and disposal of organic waste under Dowloads / Links.

The registration of the waste containers takes place directly with the AVEA. The owners are asked to notify the AVEA in writing of any changes in the number and size of the vessels. Applications for a fee reduction must be submitted in writing to the Finance Department.

If you have any questions about waste disposal fees, self-composting or the self-composting discount or changes, please contact the staff in the finance department or for further general information on disposal directly to AVEA.


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