What is it like to work at McDonalds

MC Donalds

Crisis-proof employer who stands behind the employees

Employee or workerAt the time of the assessment, was working in the area of ​​personnel / training and further education at McDonald's Germany in Munich.

I think it's good about the employer

The spirit, the agility, the solidarity, the trust in performance and people

I think it's bad about the employer

Sometimes employees lack a solution-oriented approach and cross-departmental thinking, but these people also learned a lot during the crisis.

Suggestions for improvement

Modernization of all office space and focus on a mix of mobile office and presence after lockdown

Working atmosphere

Despite the significantly reduced number of encounters, a great atmosphere in the team and you can tell that we miss each other!


Indeed, the biggest problem is the external image.

Work-life balance

Basically a very high level if you know how to divide and coordinate yourself. Understanding of Child Care and before the COVID restrictions, it was also possible to bring the child to the office if necessary.

Career / further education

Anyone who seriously wants to have a career can do that too, and for some, their careers just happen on their own. In recent years, the closer cooperation with other markets and the “mother” in Chicago have resulted in many more options when things get thinner towards the top in Germany. Cross-functional is also possible and I would never be afraid of not being able to develop.

Salary / social benefits

Free drinks on every floor, canteen, great celebrations, a day off on a birthday, 13 salaries and bonuses, smartest iPhones for private use on all (office) levels, holiday homes, etc. Due to the industry, the salaries are not at the top level, but still good.

Environmental / social awareness

The Ronald McDonald Children's Aid, Corporate Volunteering Day and many individual projects in which the environment and the surrounding area are clearly in the foreground. In recent years there has been increased work on optimization processes with regard to the environment and it was very positive that it was said at an early stage that we are not working on political decisions about environmental protection, but are testing options early on.

Cohesion among colleagues

Mega and it has been shown again that the brand welds together extremely!

Dealing with older colleagues

From the role of observer, I experience dealing with older colleagues as appreciative. However, I hear that some older colleagues in very agile departments do not feel worn out.

Managerial behavior

The executives are making a noticeable change. Feedback from surveys is dealt with very intensively and you can also feel this in dealing with people and the face-to-face feedback culture.

working conditions

Very good, modern equipment, open-plan offices that could use a refresh and the location in Solln / Oversendling is not exactly ideal with public transport.


As in all companies, it can be expanded, but always on the cutting edge in times of crisis. Corridor radio is unfortunately severely restricted by Mobile Office, which means that information on the work level that would otherwise have come up when you meet colleagues is quickly lost.

equal rights

Actually yes, but the proportion of women in middle management could be higher.

Interesting tasks

The company is constantly changing, constantly developing and there is one thing I have never experienced in over 10 years - boredom! Development happens almost every day on the job and, in the end, cross-departmental topics are also being worked on. HR sits at the table instead of in the audience.