Why do people tease you

Get angry with people less

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    Find out what annoys you. What is making you explode? Is it something really annoying, like a brother who keeps making noise after you've asked him twice already to be quieter - or something innocuous, like someone who just breathes loudly? [4] If you are bothered by something completely harmless, then there is likely a deeper conflict that has not been resolved - either with the person or with yourself.

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    Remind yourself that angry people are annoying.[5] Take a step back and imagine how you appear when you are upset. Are you then someone that people want to be with? Or are you moody, irritable, stubborn and someone to steer clear of people before you explode? It is quite possible, if you allow other people to annoy you, that you will become the person you are annoyed about. The best motivation to prevent this from happening is to realize that you probably don't want to be a person that other people get upset about.

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    Apply any advice you would give to others on yourself. If you are angry with someone but don't know why, or you are frustrated because you are angry, try this trick: Formulate a piece of advice you want to give that person. Let's say the person played a prank on someone at their expense and you want to tell the person, “Be more considerate of other people.” But instead of giving advice to the other person, turn the tables and see if the advice isn't is also suitable for you. Yes for you! Can you be more considerate with other people? Can you let the well-intentioned joke get away? Can you imagine your friend thinking the prank was funny? Sometimes the advice we really want to give other people is exactly what we need and have to swallow ourselves.

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    Remember that your anger may also have something to do with you and not with the others. It is possible that the reason for our anger about something or someone lies in the fact that we are reminded of ourselves: We then don't want to believe that we are really like that, so we distance ourselves from the person and get angry or angry. Ask yourself: is the reason you are upset because the other person is evoking something within you? a

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    Consider shaking up your life a little.Anger can be a sign that you are too rooted in your comfort zone. Shake it. Rearrange your furniture, read books by authors who shake the foundations of your beliefs, go abroad. Changing something in your life that takes you out of your familiar surroundings and comfort zone can reduce your anger and improve your empathy for others.
    • Anything that helps you grow and grow up will lessen your anger with other people. The more you learn about the world and the more you understand other people's motives, the less you will expect from other people. The key to happiness is low expectations.