Can anything become my passion?

How to pursue your passion and dare to do something new

Never be afraid to TRY something NEW, because LIFE gets boring, when you stay within LIMITS of what you already KNOW!


Beginning of a passion ...

I have been fascinated by it since my first encounter with clay. As a child I admired my mother's great workpieces, which she brought home after a workshop, and later I stayed at school longer to make more pieces out of clay. Unfortunately, I haven't come into contact with clay and ceramics in the last few years, but my fascination for natural materials has persisted to this day.


"Pottery makes you happy, creative, satisfied, inventive, addicting, proud, relaxed, calm, wanting more, focused, sexy, fun and satisfied!" Potteria - The Pottery Lounge


What is your passion

What is your passion © Nina Gusenbauer /

Perhaps you have already discovered your passion for yourself, then I invite you to check whether you are satisfied with the time you devote to your passion or whether you feel the longing to integrate it more into your life. Exhausting and time-consuming apprenticeships and professions can hide the inner longing. With the following method, I would like to encourage you to take off the cover and find your passion:

  • Take time for yourself and take a comfortable posture. Your environment should be calm and your field of vision should be free from stress factors (work assignments, appointments, ...).
  • To calm down, start with a breathing exercise: inhale and exhale longer (at least three times).
  • Let your thoughts come and go. Like clouds that pass by ...
  • Pick up inspiring colorful "clouds" and let stressful "clouds" pass by.
  • Take a closer look. What are your clouds made of? What thoughts, images, wishes and ideas are your clouds made of?
  • Take a piece of paper and pen and write down everything that comes into your mind. Regardless of whether in a list or criss-cross over the entire sheet.
  • Take a look and circle the words that evoke a special longing in you.
  • Put your piece of paper aside and look at it for the following days. Has something changed, has something intensified, or have you developed an even more intense tendency?
  • Ask yourself the following questions: What fascinated me as a child and does this fascination still exist? What activity do I want to dedicate myself to? How can I pursue my longing?


Follow your passion!

Don't let your passion fall by the wayside for years like I did, but create the right space to pursue your passion! Get the materials (if you need them) and integrate your passion into your everyday life.


A theater course, a photography workshop, a book club, a crochet session, a tea seminar, a painting course, a sport, ... - groups, courses and workshops can be helpful in maintaining your passion in everyday life and getting to know new people. But motivating and instructive tutorials on a variety of topics can also be found on the Internet, which simplify the start and continuity of your passion.


My final thought to YOU

NIna at the potter's wheel © Nina Gusenbauer /

What have you always wanted to do? Do it now! “Go for it!” As a friend likes to suggest to me. Despite the exam phase, I took the time and attended an intensive pottery course in the Potteria. Since I came to the course alone, I had the opportunity to talk to many people who were strangers to me, which gave me new, inspiring impulses for my life. I could have used the hours to study the upcoming exams, but in retrospect I spent them more meaningfully: For me, pottery was meditation, learning break, therapy, inspiration and joy at the same time. Dare to do something new and jump over my shadow allowed my personality to grow and made me happy!


The steps involved in making pottery on the turntable ...

First center the lump of clay so that the clay does not develop a life of its own later during molding. Then the clay is "broken up" with the thumbs, that is, a hollow is formed in the middle. Then the floor is created (not too thin) and the walls are pulled up. The workpiece is shaped as desired and a special, individual workpiece is created.


... are comparable to the steps in life.

It is important to find the inner center (center) so that one does not become a product of one's environment, but is the creator of one's life. A certain willingness and openness is necessary for new experiences and joys in life (Mulde). A strong foundation (stable ground) is essential in order to build one's special and individual life on it.


Not everything always works out the first time, and life has surprises in store that you could not have foreseen. We can influence our lives to a certain extent. With everything else we have to trust that everything will come as it has to come. To make the best of life, pursue your personal passion and dare to try new things are in our hands!

Nina B. Gusenbauer

I grew up in Upper Austria and Lower Austria. I currently feel at home in Vienna, where I find professional fulfillment as an elementary teacher. When I'm not recharging my batteries in nature, I immerse myself in the world of books or try my hand at artistic design. I am grateful for every minute that I can spend with my favorite people. Writing is my passion, my voice, my expression.