How can I delete a new share

Set up, manage and delete Dropbox: that's how it works

You can share your own files or folders with other people in Dropbox. Conversely, you can get the share for folders that were created by others.

You can recognize shared folders by the icon: The folder symbol is then supplemented by two people both in the browser and in the desktop application.

  1. In the browser you can find Files > My files a list of your folders and files in the Dropbox. If you move the mouse pointer over it, the button appears on the right in the line Share. Alternatively, you can get there via the three-point menu.
  2. In the desktop application you open with a right click or Ctrl + Click the context menu on the respective folder.
  3. Click on Share and in the window that opens, enter the name or email address of the person you want to grant access to the file or folder.
  4. With folders you can specify whether the user can edit or view the files. As an editor, he can edit, delete, comment and add new files. As a viewer, he only has read, download and comment access. Individual files can only be released as a viewer.
  5. You can optionally add a message.
  6. The selected person (s) will receive a link to the shared folder by email. If you accept this and click on it, you have access.

The same applies to you: If you receive a link by email, you can confirm it and you will be redirected to the third-party Dropbox folder. If you have the permission to edit, the folder will be added to your own Dropbox and takes up storage space accordingly.

Tip: In the browser you can go to New shared folderCreate a new folder and share it with several people or share an existing folder.