What are the best examples of influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has been one of the most important marketing trends for several years for a reason. The comparatively low costs as well as the high level of credibility and the strong role model function that influencers enjoy in their communities make them more than attractive as advertising ambassadors for marketers. However, the still young marketing strategy also regularly produces embarrassing flops that bring malice to influencers and companies alike. These eleven examples show what a really well-made influencer campaign can look like.

These eleven influencer campaigns show how it's done right

Lidl - #LidlStudio

With the campaign #LidlStudio, Lidl proved that influencer marketing is broadly based. In long-term cooperation with 20 influencers, special campaigns or product specials were created. The subject areas were particularly varied with fashion, sport and family, which appealed to different target groups.

A special highlight for increasing the awareness of the online shop: At two different times, 5 influencers each put together their own product boxes, which were limited and could only be ordered via the Lidl online shop. This not only brought the online shop a lot of traffic and created a sense of urgency, it also made the influencers appear more connected to the product and campaign.

Dyson - #dysonhair

To bring its new product innovation to market, Dyson worked with several YouTubers. As the only German YouTuber, Mrs. Bella was able to introduce the hairstyler "Air Wrap" for the company, which winds the hair independently using air and is supposed to provide curls particularly quickly and easily.

The video for the product on Mrs. Bella's channel has almost 900,000 views, so it can be booked as a full advertising success for Dyson. Here it becomes clear that working with YouTubers is particularly worthwhile for new products whose functionality and benefits are not self-explanatory. Because the detailed video format on YouTube is ideally suited for presenting products to potential customers in detail.

Vacationguru - #urlaubsguruXcoachella

The travel booking platform Urlaubguru used the popular Coachella Festival to draw attention to itself via social media. The company sent five influencers from the fields of fashion, lifestyle and fitness to Palm Springs to accommodate them in an imposing villa including a pool during the festival.

From there, of course, lively impressions were shared with the followers via Instagram stories and regular posts. A special treat: They were able to take part in a raffle in which they could get hold of two flights to L.A. The raffle was advertised on the influencer's own channels. In order to participate, interested parties then had to visit the website of Urlaubguru.

The idea worked: the depicted post by Ischtar Isik alone achieved almost 39,000 likes, the raffle entry by Urlaubguru itself reached around 5,600 likes - a multiple of the interactions achieved by the average posts on the site. This shows impressively that competitions and raffles, from which the followers can benefit themselves, also support influencer campaigns.

Fanta - #Turning off withFanta

Fanta not only involved influencers Julien Bam and Reezo to promote the new spiral-shaped bottles, but also the young viewers with them. Because they were asked by the influencers to share their inspiration via social media. The best results under the motto “How crazy is that?” Were presented together in the video of the same name.

With this approach, Fanta killed two birds with one stone: On the one hand, the company created a lot of identification potential in the teen target group through the co-creation offer, on the other hand it benefited from an inexpensive advertising video with a lot of "user-generated content".

Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken - account raffle

The Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken worked together with 30 different influencers, each of whom was assigned different current accounts that they could give away to their followers.

The highest profit was the “flat share account” of Anna-Maria and Katharina Damm, for which the Volksbank took over the rent for a year. But that's not all: a cleaning and beverage service was paid for in addition. The “festival account” or “gamer account”, which could also be won, followed the same principle.

Over eight million contacts during the campaign period undoubtedly prove that working with influencers is also worthwhile for more traditional industries, as long as they explicitly address a correspondingly young target group.

Fendi - #BaguetteFriendsForever

#BaguetteFriendsForever is the title of the three-part video series for which the Italian fashion house Fendi was able to win over other influencers and models as well as Caro Daur, one of the most successful German influencers. The focus of the third video, published in February, is the handbag classic Baguette Bag, with which Daur falls spontaneously, but which is snatched from her by none other than Sarah Jessica Parker in her cult role as Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and The City.

The commercial will only be shown on Fendi's social media channels and is intended specifically to reach the younger target group who have not yet had contact with the It-Bags. The digital campaign is complemented by events all over the world - from Shanghai to Hong Kong to New York.

Dr. Oetker - #IceIdeas

With influencers from the do-it-yourself sector, food giant Dr. Oetker launched its new range of self-made ice cream in summer 2018. Each of the influencers presented their personal ice cream creation on their own channel and let the Dr. Oetker product is of course not unmentioned. Here the influencers fulfill the role of the classic testimonial, which gives an insight into the functionality of a product.

The concept worked. After a short time, almost 200 posts were found under the campaign hashtag, only a few of them coming from influencers. Overall, the posts received more than 45,000 likes and were commented around 1,000 times: Activation succeeded!

Ubisoft - Assassin's Creed "Time Travel"

For the release of the new game "Assassin's Creed: Odyssey", Ubisoft even shot a complete short film in collaboration with Studio 71 and various influencers. Vloggers Jonas, Kelly Missesvlog, Sonny Loops and Marcel Scorpion suddenly find themselves in ancient Greece on the way to the toilet in a Greek restaurant, right into the scenery of Assassin's Creed. No expense or effort was spared for a high-quality look.

The strategy with a focus on high-quality images and clever storytelling seems to be paying off: The first video for the campaign, published on Jonas' Kanal, has been viewed nearly 1.2 million times to date, the second via Sonny Loops more than 800,000 times.

Douglas - #doitforyou

On the occasion of International Women's Day, Douglas, in cooperation with the three beauty influencers Pamela Reif, Farina Opoku and Julia Maria, published their own “Kiss Kit” collection, consisting of lipstick and lip liner. The campaign was part of the #doitforyou campaign, which was accompanied by advertising clips, among other things. Douglas is therefore pursuing a similar approach to Lidl, in which influencers are specifically included in the creation in order to link the products even more closely with them.

The result: Almost every second order in the online shop on the day of publication contained one of the influencer kits, while Pamela Reif's was completely sold out after just 24 hours. The effect was even noticeable offline - the number of visitors to the branches rose by around ten percent, according to Douglas.

DAZN - #DAZNHighlights

The sports streaming provider DAZN used the soccer World Cup to involve travel bloggers in its marketing. The message: DAZN can be received from other EU countries, so that sports fans do not have to miss out on the highlights of major sporting events on their summer vacation on the beach.

In this campaign, DAZN succeeded, especially with male and female micro and macro influencers, in including a very diverse mix of faces for the brand. The aesthetically appealing vacation photos with advertising for the streaming service, matching the summer feeling, then did the rest to bring it together to almost 33,000 likes and more than 900 comments.


Last summer, Magnum teamed up with the internationally renowned designer Alexander Wang, who designed a cooler bag exclusively for the Langnese ice cream brand. They introduced top German influencers such as Lena Gercke, Janina Uhse or Farina Opoku on their Instagram profiles and drew attention to the raffle, in which their followers could win the designer cooler bag.

Given the remarkably prominent selection of influencers, it's not surprising that the campaign didn't miss its mark. Just one month after their publication, the five posts together had 121,000 likes. A pleasant side effect for Magnum: the ice cream brand underpinned its more exclusive image, which is supposed to stand out from the numerous no-name copies on the supermarket refrigerated shelves. Influencer marketing can not only increase brand awareness and traffic, but can also steer the individual brand image in the desired direction.

Originally published April 5, 2019, updated 03 February 2021

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