What does Ivanka Trump really want

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New look in the White House retreat of the blonde army

A very specific type of woman dominated Donald Trump's entourage. The successors are more colorful, diverse and casual. A style criticism.

AboEx- «First Daughter» in transitionThe deep fall of Ivanka Trump

Problems can be solved with money and family is paramount: Ivanka Trump grew up with this worldview. That will now be her undoing.

Protection against persecution of the family Trump allegedly wants to pardon his children preventively

According to a report, the US president even wants to pardon himself before leaving office. Is that even legally effective? And what would Trump do with it?

Crime of the weekHow Ivanka Trump becomes US President

A man at the end of his life travels through the USA in the bitterly evil thriller "The F * ck-it-List" by John Niven and takes revenge.

Subscription Tax tricks catch up with US presidents If Trump is voted out, he faces a financial mess

Businessman Donald Trump showed two faces: for loans that of the winner, for taxes he was the loser. Now only his office protects him from lawsuits, fines and a possible declaration of bankruptcy.

Melania Trump against her stepdaughterOperation "block Ivanka"

Of snakes and princesses: A new reveal book reveals First Lady Melania Trump's troubled relationship with her stepdaughter Ivanka Trump.

The first lady outshines man and party

Melania Trump has not had the best experience with party conference speeches, but this time she speaks surprisingly openly about the country's major problems. She hides only the greatest things.

Response to calls for boycottsTrump's “improper” advertising campaign

The US President and his daughter Ivanka are promoting a food manufacturer after a boycott was called against them - but are they allowed to do so?

After the election victory: Melania Trump has renegotiated the marriage contract

The first lady is said to have renegotiated the marriage contract after Donald Trump's election victory. It was about their son.

First there were a few tweets, then tea

Before arriving in the UK, US President Trump mocked London Mayor Khan as a loser.

And suddenly Merkel speaks plain language

The Americans get their fat off the Chancellor, the Russians, the Chinese too. The guests experience conference history.

What has Schneider-Ammann achieved?

Eleven new trade agreements - but the number is deceptive.

Schneider-Ammann ran aground in Washington

A coup at the end? On his last business trip, the Minister of Economics wanted to announce a breakthrough. Wanted.

Trump defends daughter Ivanka after email violations

The president's daughter sent numerous emails from her private account. That now leads to a parliamentary investigation.

Ivanka Trump did like Hillary Clinton

The presidential daughter is now having her own email affair. More than 1000 messages should be in question.

"Ivanka would be a stunner as a UN ambassador"

After Nikki Haley's resignation, Donald Trump talks about his daughter. But he fears the accusation of nepotism.