What is Nerf in Hearthstone

Balance changes for 15 cards are coming - 5 nerfs, 10 buffs

Hearthstone Lead Designer announced at the end of April that there would be further balance changes in about two weeks.

Now he has announced further details: A total of 15 cards are to be changed next week. There should be 5 nerfs and 10 buffs! It is not yet known which cards will be involved.

Quote by Alec Dawson (source)

Had some great balance talks over the last few days. 5 nerfs, 10 buffs in next week’s patch. Looking to bring up some underperforming classes / archetypes, there’s some spicy stuff.

May 7th, 2021 at 7:08 am

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Krabbenreiter is 100% nerfed! Just too strong. I think you will lower your life points so that it is easier to deal with in round 2 or 3.

Crabrider has already been indirectly confirmed as a Nerf. I also think the Nerf on 3 HP is most likely, especially after the outpost was also changed from 4 to 3 HP in the last balance patch.

Mage will definitely be nerfed, I'm 99% sure of that. I guess Incanter’s flow from 2 mana to 3 mana.
I would also like to have a nerf for OP Spring Water, but I think it is unlikely that both cards will be nerfed.

Something will definitely be nerfed at Pala, but I find it more difficult to say what it will be here. Crabrider is already a nerf for Pala. Either a secret card or a libram card is nerfed, I think.

Warrior will definitely be nerfed, otherwise the handbuff rush warrior will run amok if the other classes have been nerfed.
I could also imagine a nerf at Field Contact in the Rogue, but I'm not sure.

I'm definitely curious! 🙂

I actually only play Murlocshaman on the ladder in the wild.
It's very good, at least in the lower ranks. Since I actually only win the 5 games in ranked every week, I don't get as far as you could get.
But with this deck I finally have a long winstreak again. In the last expansion, things looked a little worse for me.
I also find the Crabrider to be extremely good. The coin out in T1 and, with luck, a buff T2 on it, often lasts 2-3 rounds if you don't have to trade it against strong minions.
I like to play the deck because of the good win rate and the fast games, but a nerf here would be absolutely understandable immo.