Do hot girls look ugly without makeup

A week with no make-up: I completely did without make-up - and it changed my life!

My alarm clock rang 10 minutes later than usual because my morning routine without the make-up should be a little shorter, I thought. But how much it was actually shorter, then surprised me myself - I was finished showering, dressed and combed in just 15 minutes - and had another 20 minutes before I had to start running! Ha, because of "only" 10 minutes - in fact, I've set the alarm clock 30 minutes later since that morning - and always got to work on time. Lesson 1: It takes me a lot longer to do my make-up in the morning than I thought.

And now comes the hard part: going to work, going out for the first time, completely topless. To be bare of make-up is something very intimate, we all have our little problems that we like to hide, and beautiful sides that we emphasize. Little things that make a big difference - and you feel so different when you suddenly show yourself completely naked in your face. I ran the first steps into the office almost backwards, and looked shyly at my colleagues, expecting shock and horror, but (Huh?) nobody seems to notice it! How can that be?

Nobody asks me whether I am sick, tired, or slept badly, nobody stares at me or looks at the floor in shame as I feared - do I just find my unvarnished likeness not so beautiful myself? Or are your colleagues just polite? Lesson 2: We ourselves perceive changes in our appearance to be much more extreme than others. Just because of it me bothers that my colleagues see me without make-up, it does not mean that it is by any means you bothers me that I have no makeup on. When in doubt, others are not even so interested in how you look yourself, everyone has their own agenda and takes care of their problems. Until the afternoon nobody really says anything until someone finally asks (a man, mind you!): "Why do you look so different today?" (Different shit? Different good? Different, huh?), and as soon as someone has said it, the exciting discussion finally starts, all the girls from the office join in, from "I also think that you look different, but didn't want to say anything because I know that you are doing the experiment" from “I think you don't look too bad” to “you look somehow like after a skiing holiday sunburn, your eyes are white and otherwise red”, everything is included.