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Warning of chlorine dioxide solutions (MMS, CDS, CDL)

Safety information | 11/10/2020

Chlorine dioxide solutions have no effect against COVID-19 and there is a reasonable suspicion of harmful effects.


What is MMS, what is the difference between MMS and CDL (CDS)?

Chlorine dioxide solutions are sold as a 2-component agent (MMS) to be activated or as an activated ready-to-use solution (CDL or CDS, chlorine dioxide solution or chlorine dioxide solution).

MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution or Master Mineral Solution) is a sodium chlorite solution (NaClO2), which can be "activated" with different acids so that the chlorine compound is released.

This chlorine compound is gaseous chlorine dioxide (ClO2), which is corrosive and can cause symptoms of poisoning.

Studies on chlorine dioxide solutions

In alternative medicine circles, articles that are wrongly referred to as "studies" are published that are supposed to prove the medicinal effect of chlorine dioxide solutions. The BASG is currently not aware of any scientific data that confirm the positive effects of chlorine dioxide.

Instead, however, there are increasingly negative reports from people who have taken MMS or CDL / CDS and then report on health complaints and side effects.

Situation at EU level and in Austria

Several European pharmaceutical authorities repeatedly warn against the use of chlorine dioxide products, as there is a well-founded suspicion that, according to the manufacturer or supplier, they also cause a harmful effect when used. There is currently no scientific basis for the increasing (illegal) promotion and advertising of these products for an alleged cure for cancer, malaria, AIDS, autism, hepatitis, many other serious diseases and, most recently, even COVID-19.

Products that could achieve the stated, claimed effect of MMS or CDL / CDS are by definition pharmaceuticals and may only be placed on the market if their effectiveness and safety have been proven in clinical trials and confirmed in an official approval process .

No such data is available for the chlorine dioxide products listed here. As a result, the clinical efficacy and thus also the safety has not been proven and there is no valid approval as a medicinal product. There are serious safety concerns for the named products.

If poisoning is suspected, the poisoning information center will advise on the emergency number: +43 1 406 43 43.

If you have any information about these or similar, possibly illegal products, please report them directly to the agency responsible for combating illegality (enforcement group) of the Federal Office for Health Safety at enforcementbasg.gvat.

Current warnings from other authorities:

Swissmedic:  https://www.swissmedic.ch/swissmedic/de/medicrime/news/warnings/warnung_mms.html

FDA:  https://www.fda.gov/consumers/consumer-updates/danger-dont-drink-miracle-mineral-solution-or-similar-products

Ministero della Salute:  http://www.salute.gov.it/portale/news/p3_2_1_1_1.jsp?lingua=italiano&menu=notizie&p=dalministero&id=3817


Previous warnings from the Austrian and German authorities:




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