Is it healthy to eat at night?

Is Late Dinner Unhealthy?

Don't eat anything after 6pm because you fear a late dinner will land right on your hips? We clarify whether this is really true and what time is best for your dinner.

Is eating late unhealthy?

Whether or not the weight gain or loss is affected by a late dinner is scientifically not clearly proven. The reason for believing that eating late could make you gain weight has to do with your insulin secretion. Whenever you eat something blood sugar levels rise in your body and insulin is released. This means that if you eat your supper just before bed, your blood sugar level will rise again. Consequently will also insulin in your body poured out, which one Fat gain while sleeping can favor. So far, however, this assumption could not be clearly substantiated by studies.

But maybe you know that you are with a sleep worse on a full stomach. Because if you eat something just before bed, your stomach will start working again. While you try to sleep digests your stomach then your late dinner, which makes you come to rest worse can. If so, you should simply find out for yourself the best time to have your dinner. To be on the safe side eat for the last time about two hours before bed something. This gives your stomach enough time to digest your dinner and you can relax more easily. You should anyway Trouble sleeping have, try one of our seven tips against insomnia.

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Why you can gain weight by having a late dinner

The number of calories in carbohydrates, fats and proteins always stay the same. This means that just because you eat an ice cream in the evening, for example, does not double the number of calories you consume with it. A Weight gain always depends on one Excess calories together. In other words, if you eat more calories a day than you use, you gain body weight. The same also applies the other way around: If you eat fewer caloriesthan you use up in the day your body weight is reduced. If you want to lose your body fat, read about in our article proper weight loss how you can celebrate long-term weight loss successes.

Late dinner may cause you subconsciously more calories consume during the day and thus come into a calorie surplus. To find out, you can yourself watch yourself for a whole day. Do you come home after work, a little hungry, but it's still too early for dinner? Then it can be that you are completely subconsciously starting to snack around. In this case, you should just pull your dinner forward a few hours. We also like to have a little something or two on the couch in the evenings. Especially the Snacks in front of the TV, quickly lead to excess calories. Because how often has it happened to you that you actually only wanted to eat a small piece of chocolate and in the end you finished off the whole bar?

Our tip: Do you love to have a snack in front of the TV in the evening? Then you will become ours Protein Chocolate love! Creamy chocolate and 90 percent less sugar - the ideal TV snack for anyone with a sweet tooth!

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Skip dinner

Are you considering leaving out dinner completely? That's okay as long as you don't go to bed hungry. For example, if you ate late for lunch have and still full in the evening then you can go to bed without supper. Then treat yourself to an extra large breakfast the next morning. In no case should you skip dinner and then starve. If you want to lose weight, make sure that you during the day between 300 to a maximum of 500 calories less take to you. Discover our 12 favorite low carb foodsfor your slim line. Especially protein-rich foods like quark, legumes or eggs keep you full for a long time. Yours individual calorie requirement you can use our Calorie calculatordetermine.

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Late dinner recipes

Sometimes one gets involved Don't avoid late dinner though. For example, if you've stayed at work a little longer or work in shifts. Then you may come home late at night, hungry, but want to go to bed shortly after eating. In such cases you can get a Prepare light dinnerwhich is not so heavy in the stomach. Five of our favorite recipes for a late dinner are:

Goat cheese salad with a fruity topping

You can prepare our easy one in a maximum of 15 minutes Goat Cheese Saladto. The best: with ours Fruit Jam do you take care of a sweet highlight without a lot of sugar. If you like to make a salad in the evening, make sure that raw vegetables like peppers or radishes Can swell your stomach.

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Quick rice salad recipe

Quick recipes are ideal, especially for a late evening meal. Our fast one Rice salad recipeyou should definitely try it out. By giving yourself a slightly larger portion prepare, you ensure yourself too your supper for the next day. Are you more of a pasta fan? No problem! Just replace the rice with ours Protein pasta!

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Hearty corn pancakes

With only five ingredients and some water you can prepare our fluffy hearty in no time at all Corn Puffs to. As tasty Herbal quark is suitable as a side dish. This is rich in protein, will fill you up very well and is not heavy in the stomach.

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Omelette recipe

Not only for breakfast - also as a late evening meal Omelet! You just have to chop all the ingredients into the pan and have a filling and light dinner within a few minutes. For example, one tastes delicious with it toasted slice of our protein bread.

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Protein sandwich

If you have to go really fast, then reach for ours Protein sandwich recipe with tuna. Within ten minutes you prepare your late supper and then go straight to bed. The special thing: with ours Protein flakes will the Tuna cream turns into a real protein bomb!

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Our conclusion

  • Late dinner doesn't necessarily lead to weight gain.
  • Pay attention to your calorie intake: If you have a calorie surplus, i.e. if you consume more calories than you consume, you gain weight. If you eat fewer calories, you lose weight.
  • Late dinner may make you sleep worse. Because if your stomach still has to digest a lot of food at night, you may find it harder to rest.
  • If you need to have a late dinner, prepare a light, high-protein meal like this. This will fill you up, but your food won't be heavy on your stomach.
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