Should I download Steam?

Steam download although game is available

Hello everybody,

I have a similar problem right now that I need your help with.

Preface: I was playing Age of Empire 2 HD on Steam up until noon today. Due to a sudden fire brigade, I could not shut down the computer properly, but had to pull the plug due to the fast time. Now I wanted to play another round of Age of Empire and Steam tells me that I should download the game ... I was last playing it on my computer a few hours ago.

This is the path to the game:

Attached is the Steam Bib folder.

Why does Steam suddenly no longer recognize the game? I'm assuming it's just a technical setting. Actually, I don't want to download the game again.

Background for the two directories: C is my SSD.
F is the HDD for me. I have Age of Empire 2 on the HDD (it doesn't need the speed )

Thank you for your assistance!

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Edit: Solution found: Simply "install" the game again with the same path. Steam will recognize the files present and will not download the game again.