Why is sales forecasting important

Current start-up dates

A venture capital provider (like the business angel perhaps before) takes the success of a technology or software company - apart from management performance - from a three-year plan, which, in simple terms, shows what money is spent on and where it comes from. In addition, he looks for comparison values. Values ​​with which a rule of three can be established from discounted cash flow, a multiple of the expected sales or surplus (EBITDA) and an extrapolated growth. If it is a matter of copying a model that is already successful in another language area, it helps to take a look at the market value of this comparable company.

In the case of internet-oriented start-ups, a proportion of clones was found in around 60 percent of the start-ups in 2009. Otherwise, what counts is the interest shown so far on the customer side, the capital employed by the founding team and the current cash position. It is therefore advisable to have commercial and sales-oriented founding members "on board" in addition to the specialist - ideally with management experience. The latest studies by the Center for European Economic Research show that companies founded three to five years after leaving university had the best growth opportunities. In other words, those in which academic training and market proximity meet, in which there is usually more equity and often also the GmbH law is applied.

Back to the money. The venture capital supply in Germany is rather modest. Only 0.5 per thousand of the gross domestic product, corresponding to around 840 million euros in 2009, is contributed by venture capital investments in this country - compared to eight per thousand in California and Israel, followed by Scandinavia with 2.3 per thousand. Local investors are therefore relying on the market response even more than in the VC-strong countries. Without initial orders, financing rounds take so long that some aspirants simply do not survive. In the Internet business, for example, those whose services are paid for scores points. According to a survey by Wirtschaftswoche in 2009, for example, every fourth start-up that only relied on advertising dropped out of an investor.

Talking to banks, savings banks, Volksbanks and Raiffeisenbanks is no help for bridging financing. Here, it is particularly helpful to concentrate on the essentials, in the IT environment a reduction in expenses for infrastructure and system maintenance and a switch to open source or inexpensive development tools.

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