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Sarah Sanders: When Trump recommended his spokeswoman to have an affair with Kim Jong-un

Trump's niece Mary did, his former security advisor John Bolton and now his former spokeswoman Sarah Sanders: They have all published books about their time with the most powerful man in the world.

“Speaking for Myself” (German: “I speak for myself”), however, differs from the works that are already on the market. Sanders, 38, is a staunch Republican, and she continues to stand by "her" US President, which the subtitle of the book suggests: "Faith, Freedom and the Struggle of Our Lives in Trump's White House".

The British “Guardian” already has an advance copy of the book that will be published on Tuesday and cites a few passages from it - and of course the left-liberal newspaper has not picked out the stories that are most beneficial for Trump.

"Sir, please stop," was all she said

For example, anecdotes from the meeting between Trump and North Korea's ruler Kim Jong-un are told. At a meeting of the two politicians in Singapore in June 2018, an embarrassing situation arose for them on the sidelines of the talks, said Sanders.

When the two potentates talked about women's football, Kim caught her eye. “We had direct eye contact and Kim nodded, he seemed to be winking at me. I was shocked. I looked down quickly and kept making notes, ”writes Sanders.

Later, in the presidential limousine "Beast" on the way to the airport, Sanders told Trump and his then chief of staff, John Kelly. The president's reaction was unexpected. "Kim Jong-un flirted with you (in the original: "He hit on you", d. Red.)! He fucking flirted with you! ”Trump would have joked. Sanders, a devout (and married) Christian, as she emphasizes again and again in her book, reacts with embarrassment: "Sir, please stop."