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Help the team and all other users with the common goal of creating the best Chinese dictionary in the world on the Internet. Together with our users, we want to become not just a good, but the best German-Chinese dictionary. Users can constantly expand the dictionary with Chinese characters and German-Chinese translations and thus improve it continuously. Depending on the context or topic, there is often more than one way to express a German word in the Chinese language or through a Chinese character. We consider all of these different possibilities in the German Chinese dictionary. Chinese translations that have been submitted by other users must be checked by ten users before they are recognized as a correct Chinese translation. Register as a member of the community and take part in the world ranking competition. All activities that improve the German Chinese dictionary - such as new Chinese words or Chinese characters - are rewarded with points. If you are not sure about translations in German or Chinese, you can ask in the German Chinese forum. Here, users exchange information on Chinese translations, Chinese characters, Chinese grammar and similar topics.

Learn a language with the German Chinese dictionary

There are many different Chinese languages ​​in the world. The most popular of these Chinese languages ​​is Standard Chinese, also known as "Mandarin". Over 875 million Asians speak this Chinese. Chinese is certainly not as easy to learn as German, French, Spanish or Italian. It is generally said that you can speak the language sooner, but that you usually need 10 years to actually be able to write it. Of course, it always depends on the way you learn Chinese.

One way to learn Chinese well is to use the English Chinese dictionary. The German Chinese dictionary offers you many different ways to learn the Chinese language efficiently and effectively.

Most importantly, the German Chinese dictionary offers countless translations from German into Chinese. You just have to enter a Chinese word for which you need a translation into the search field and with just one click the German Chinese dictionary shows numerous translations for this word. But not only that. Almost every word also contains synonyms, pronunciation, example sentences and much more. This allows you to put the translation into context much better and you will quickly get a feel for the language.

But the English Chinese dictionary can do even more. If you can't find a translation or if you need an additional explanation, you can simply go to the German Chinese forum and ask your question to other users. You will get an answer in no time. Do you know a word that is not yet in the English Chinese

Dictionary is? Great, you can suggest us a translation and you will soon find your own English Chinese entry in our English Chinese dictionary.

A great way to get to know, learn, and repeat a language like Chinese is to actively use the language. It's funniest when you do it through games, and the German Chinese dictionary has plenty of those. With games like Hangman, Memorize or Double Decker, you can learn and repeat new Chinese vocabulary in no time. Would you like more information on a specific Chinese verb, how to conjugate it? No problem, can help you with that too. With the English Chinese conjugation aid you can see all conjugations of the verb at a glance.

As you can see, the German Chinese dictionary offers you many opportunities to get to know, learn and practice a language better. Just click through the German Chinese dictionary and discover the world of Chinese and German.