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All-Star-Vote: Caps, TheShy, Faker and Co. go to Las Vegas

The community vote on the LoL professionals who are allowed to take part in the All-Star Event at the end of the year has been completed. Stars like Caps, Faker and TheShy will be playing in Las Vegas from December 5th to 7th in various modes and formats with and against well-known big names in the scene. LoL fans were able to vote on the all-star representatives of the LEC, LCS, LPL, LCK, CBLOL, LLA, LJL, OPL, TCL and LCL from November 13th to 20th. The results are now available.

LEC (Europe)

1. Rasmus'Caps'Winther (G2 Esports) - 24.4%
2. Marcin 'Jankos'Jankowski (G2 Esports) - 13.4%

For Europe, the G2 stars Caps and Jankos go to Las Vegas. Caps received by far the most votes in the region. His teammate Luka 'Perkz' Perković (12.7%) and Fnatic star Martin 'Rekkles' Larsson landed just behind Jankos in the vote.

LCS (North America)

1. Yiliang 'Double lift'Peng (Team Liquid) - 17.2%
2. Søren 'Bjergsen'Bjerg (Team SoloMid) - 10.1%

In North America, the two old stars Doublelift and Bjergsen made it to the first two places. However, Team Liquid's AD-Carry stated in its stream that it was thinking of giving up its place at the event. Then Jun-sik 'Bang' Bae might move up, who came third in the vote (9.1%).

LPL (China)

1. Kang 'TheShy'Seung-lok (Invictus Gaming) - 21.5%
2. Tae-sang 'Doinb'Kim (FunPlus Phoenix) - 19%
3. Zi-Hao 'Uzi'Jian (Royal Never Give Up) - 18.3%
4. Tian-Liang 'Tian'Gao (FunPlus Phoenix) - 8.7%

The world championship region is said to be allowed to send four players to Las Vegas. Top lane star TheShy and world champion Doinb received the most votes, according to Riot Games. Because Uzi was only just behind Doinb and Tian was declared the MVP of the Worlds Finals, the two should probably also be allowed to the All-Star Event.

LCK (South Korea)

1. Lee 'Faker'Sang-hyeok (SK Telecom T1) - 28.7%
2. Tae-min 'Clid'Kim (Gen. G) - 17.8%

Unsurprisingly, superstar Faker cleared by far the most votes in the LCK. In second place is Gen.G newcomer and ex-SKT professional Clid. Veteran Hyuk-kyu 'Deft' Kim landed just behind in third place (16.6%).

Other regions

Riot Games keeps the possibility open to invite other LoL professionals to the event.

Image source: Riot Games

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