When the diet does not lower cholesterol

Lower cholesterol with proper diet

If you want to lower your cholesterol, you should be Nutritional behavior analyze exactly and adjust if necessary. Hypercholesterolemia, the presence of too much cholesterol in the blood, is considered to be Lipid metabolism disorder a risk factor for the development of so-called lifestyle diseases. Obesity, obesity and vasoconstriction up to heart attack or stroke are directly related to an increased cholesterol level.

Then there are other risk factors such as Lack of exercise, abuse of luxury foods or too much stress In addition, the risk of serious illness or even early death increases exponentially. So everything has to be done to take measures that lower cholesterol. Proper nutrition is an indispensable component in a holistic concept.

1. Lower cholesterol for more health, vitality and performance

Proper nutrition is an important building block in lowering cholesterol.
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Chemical cholesterol-lowering drugs called statins are not a good long-term solution due to their side effects. Rather, the goal should be to lower cholesterol by changing your diet. Who himself nourishes cholesterol consciously, has more vitality and energy overall and is more able to concentrate. Of course, the composition of cholesterol in the blood is also genetically determined. In addition, the percentage of so-called good part of cholesterol should also be HDL (English High Density Lipoprotein, so lipoprotein with high density) for the bad LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein, i.e. lipoprotein with low density) must always be taken into account. However, lowering the Total cholesterol in the blood just 5 mg already has amazing health-promoting effects.

2. Lower cholesterol through nutrition plan

Fruits and vegetables are crucial for a new weighting of the menu.
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To get the desired effect of the Normalization of cholesterol levels A strict diet is not required to achieve this. Lowering cholesterol with the help of food means first of all carefully analyzing and documenting your own eating habits. Anyone who only notes down exactly what, when and how much is eaten for a week will be able to use a Nutritional advice be able to estimate exactly where the errors are and how they can be rectified. Nutritionists point out that with a little perseverance, it is easy to permanently lower your cholesterol. But it's a new one Weighting of the menu required. Here should above all Whole grains, high fiber foods, and fresh vegetables and fruits receive a greater priority.

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3. Cholesterol-conscious diet at work by avoiding sugar

Consumption of ready meals or foods that have been heavily refined or processed should against it be restricted. Because these rather harmful foods contain a lot so-called trans fatswhich have been shown to promote high cholesterol. If you have high cholesterol levels and are overweight at the same time, you should first lose weight and only then focus on lowering the cholesterol levels. It has been found helpful sugary foods, in liquid or solid form, should be avoided as far as possible. Muesli, heavily sweetened yoghurt or chocolate bars are often consumed in between, especially at work. But all of this only leads to more Obesity and in addition to that, the cholesterol level in the blood keep increasing. For this reason, nutritional behavior in the workplace should also be critically questioned.

4. Lower cholesterol by avoiding highly processed foods

Exercise helps lower cholesterol.
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If the cholesterol levels are only slightly elevated, they are often already small corrections sufficient in eating behavior so that this can be brought back to a normal level. All dietary measures that serve to lower cholesterol work much better when they are with you individual exercise program be combined. So become workers Corporate sports, Fitness programs or anti-stress sequences it should be used extensively. Because this is also an important building block for lowering cholesterol in the long term. It is also crucial to consume animal fats to reduce as much as possible. Often these can be easily replaced by vegetable oils. In this context, however, hydrogenated vegetable fats are not an adequate substitute for animal fats. Because artificially hydrogenated fats, as they are added to many finished products, lead to increased LDL cholesterol levels in the blood. These in turn are responsible for dangerous deposits on the inner walls of the blood vessels, which can lead to stroke or heart attack.

5. Lower cholesterol with Mediterranean food

It is not just about lowering the cholesterol levels in general, but specifically increasing the levels of the good, vascular protecting HDL cholesterol. This is also possible with the right diet. In large-scale studies it could be clearly demonstrated that the Mediterranean diet, also as Mediterranean diet which can have a very beneficial effect on cholesterol levels. The higher the proportion of healthy HDL cholesterol, the less likely it will be in the next ten years Stroke or heart attack to suffer. In addition, HDL is also an essential factor in protecting the arteries and veins. Mediterranean food always includes freshness Products such as vegetables, fruit, but also fatty sea fish, which contains a particularly high proportion of healthy omega-3 fatty acids. For example, if you forego fast food and switch your diet to largely Mediterranean food, you will be able to significantly improve your cholesterol levels in just a few weeks.

6.Walnuts for high cholesterol

Consuming walnuts daily is a good measure.
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An easy-to-use dietary supplement to lower cholesterol is to take on a daily basis Enjoyment of walnuts. About 35 g, i.e. a handful, are already suitable for effectively lowering the cholesterol level. However, in order to achieve the desired effect, the nuts should daily and consistently be consumed over a period of at least three months. It does not matter whether the nuts are eaten as a snack at work or perhaps even as a main meal. However, too high a level of cholesterol in the blood should never be viewed in isolation. Because often the neutral fats are too, too Triglycerides called, too high. Those who manage to lower their blood triglycerides through proper nutrition will also benefit from lower cholesterol levels. Because both are closely related in the lipid metabolism of the organism.

7. Lowering cholesterol is only possible in most cases by changing your diet

In particular, foods with a high sugar content, but also the regular consumption of alcoholic beverages in all variations can cause the blood triglyceride level to rise sharply. This is always accompanied by an increase in the harmful LDL cholesterol, which in turn is a risk factor for the development of Cardiovascular diseases represents. If the cholesterol level is too high, which is genetic, a change in diet alone is usually not enough. In these cases, cholesterol-lowering drugs must be taken in addition to a healthy diet. Over 95% of elevated cholesterol levels, however, are purely due to the wrong Diet and Lifestyle and therefore also reversible. However, it always takes a little discipline and perseverance to be able to lower cholesterol permanently with the right diet. Whether a change in diet to lower the cholesterol level was successful can be checked at any time with a simple laboratory test at the doctor.

8. Cholesterol is vital, only too much is harmful

There are many myths about cholesterol - however, this substance is not bad per se, it is even indispensable for many metabolic processes in the organism. For example, many hormones could be without the Presence of the cholesterol molecule not be formed at all. However, cholesterol always becomes problematic when there is too much of it in the blood due to improper nutrition. In particular, if this condition persists for years and decades, serious consequential damage to health can result. To prevent this from happening in the first place, the cholesterol level should be brought back to normal as early as possible with the right diet. Specific low cholesterol foods are no longer recommended these days, because the corresponding effects quickly fizzle out. The changeover of the menu is then very time-consuming and cannot be maintained over a long period of time.

9. General dietary rules for lowering cholesterol

Consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables is recommended.
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The German Nutrition Societytherefore recommends a few rules, which, however, have proven to be very effective with regard to lowering the cholesterol level. Regular consumption of fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grain products is recommended, as is generally a low-salt diet. In addition, flow-fat dairy products, uncured vegetable fat and meat, at most twice a week. When eating meat, low-fat varieties, such as turkey breast or roast beef, should definitely be preferred. Anyone who then drinks little or no alcohol, does not smoke, largely restricts the consumption of sweets and pastries and regularly integrates fish into their diet will probably never have problems with a high cholesterol level.