How many quarters weigh 286 grams

How much does an onion, potato, banana, ... weigh?

Almost everyone has already faced the problem once, when a recipe says “1 onion”, whether you use the larger or the smaller onion that you have at home. Perhaps you did not have the problem with an onion, but with potatoes or another fruit or vegetable?

Fortunately, nature allows fruits and vegetables to develop so differently that you cannot say in general how much something has to weigh. However, you can look at the market that exists in Germany, which imports products from all over the world and also has many regional products itself. Products from this entire market can be compared over many years and an average value, which is common in Germany, can be calculated. This was done by the Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety. [Source: average weights of fruit_greens]

Below you can see the results in a table that we have summarized for you. In our recipes, we try to keep similar weights for information such as “1 onion” so that you get the same results as us. However, you should definitely not throw something away if it weighs too much. The influence on the taste is usually only significant when there are clear differences of more than 25% for an ingredient, since it is not only the size but also the intensity of the fruit or vegetables that is decisive.

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