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Queen Elsa is still coping well with the cold. The first "Frozen" wave rolled in six years ago and has since dominated children's rooms, cloakrooms, musical tastes, school bags and all children's accessories worldwide. For the first time, a Disney film was not about a princess who ends up getting her dream prince - at the center of the story was always the relationship between the dissimilar sisters Anna and Elsa. Now the sequel, long-awaited by fans, is in the cinemas, this time the task is to uncover a dark family secret. Unsurprisingly, the sequel is also a massive hit at the box office, with "Frozen 2" grossing $ 350 million worldwide in just a few days.

That's what the critics say

The reviews are also largely positive. "'Frozen 2' cannot quite match the force of its predecessor, but it still remains a stunning journey into the unknown", so the critical consensus on the rating platform "Rotten Tomatoes".

The "New York Times" also has positive comments about the sequel: "The film is never really surprising, but it bursts with visual imagination - snowflakes that sweep across the sky like falling stars provide entertainment, as do Elsa and Anna still don't wait for life to just happen to them. " The Guardian, who compares the song "Let it go" with the effects of crystal meth, says of the film: "It's an entertaining revival, but the dew is slowly setting in." "In a world in which the older generation describes the youth as overly sensitive snowflakes, 'Frozen 2' shows what it means to have your heart in the right place," says the industry magazine "Variety" about the "modernized values ‚Äč‚Äčthat the Screenplay reflects ".

The "Hollywood Reporter" is a bit more critical: "'Frozen 2' offers everything you expect - catchy, new songs, more time with lovable characters, impressive landscapes, hearty jokes, a journey of discovery and plenty of female empowerment. The only thing it does not offer: something unexpected. " And the "STANDARD" also says: "As a sequel that wants to break away from some fairy tale traditions, 'Frozen 2' still doesn't go far enough. It would like to sell itself as modern. But instead, the kitsch with a little more gruffness to defy, then the courage is missing - or even the will. "

What do you say?

How did you find the film compared to the first part? Which scenes, which songs did you or your children particularly like? What was bothering you? (aan, November 25, 2019)