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Diets for the post-Christmas season

From cookies and roasts on Christmas Eve to raclette on New Year's Eve: The festive days around Christmas usually end with more pounds on the hips. For many people, it means the post-Christmas period lose weight on the plan.

A fitness studio is not necessary for this, however: it can be removed from home with simple exercises. And who will attend our next Christmas Diet tips and keeps recipes for losing weight, you can do without the bad feeling at the end of the year.

Lose Weight With The Right Diet Plan

While one has lost 10 kilos with therapeutic fasting, another swears by it Buttermilk diet. Often one asks oneself: which one Diet plan should I follow to lose weight quickly and healthily or what diet type am I?

Those who do not feel well with their diet often find themselves in the evening with a pack of chips in hand. With the right diet and the necessary tips, it is often much easier than you think excess kilos get rid of.

In our clips we deliver that most important information about popular diets - and reveal what to look out for.

Diets and Effects in the Body

If you think your stomach is too big or your hips are too wide, you are usually in a hurry. Diets that allow you to lose five pounds in just five weeks seem to be the way to luck.

But one Change of diet always has an impact on the body - and not every diet is useful for everyone.

Crash diets deliver quick success, but not help in the long run. who lose weight healthy should be patient and listen to your own body. With us you will find out how diets affect the body and which ones Diet mistake you should avoid.

Diet tips

In a Start diet we usually with full vigor. But if the desired success is not quickly apparent or if the pounds drop in the wrong place, motivation is often lost.

Who, however, at Diet tips can often save himself an inner struggle. Our clips and articles will help you to start your next diet soon with the help of experience reports and tips.

Radical and ambitious diets

The ridge between lose weight quickly and healthily is usually only very narrow. A spontaneous vacation in the south often ensures that one rushes into a diet to quickly find the Bikini body to manufacture.

But bring it radical diets really what? Or should you approach losing weight more ambitiously and slowly? With the help of our clips you can expand your knowledge and learn how winter fat disappears in a short time in a healthy way.

Diets with the right foods

When you think of diets, you usually think of doing without. But lose weight is also possible without starving - but only with the right one Nutrition plan and the right foods.
You definitely don't want to live without pizza?

Our Advice article and clips show, for example, what a pizza diet is and how you can achieve your goal with healthy recipes and foods.

Diet methods at a glance

Accepting the project poses a great challenge for many people. Who should be in the jungle of the Diet methods also find your way straight away?

There are many different ways to achieve your target weight - some swear by hypnosis, others by Gallen diets.

With us you get one overview about the many methods and learn more about each in the clips and articles Diet types.

Diets put to the test

Your best friend or work colleague raves about his diet - but the same method doesn't seem to work for you?

This could be because there are many different types of diets. Not every diet suits everyone.

If you are fed up with trying out diets yourself without losing weight, you can have a look at some of our diets in our test. Before that, it makes sense to test yourself and find out what type of diet you are at all.

Diets with a system

If you want to lose weight quickly and effectively, you shouldn't just get started. In our clips we show that the right system is essential when it comes to diets.

Only when you know what type of diet you are can you find the right method - and the annoying one too Jojo effect avoid.

The diets of the stars

If you look through the Instagram feed or the new magazine papers, you often ask yourself: How to do it The stars that, always one dreambody to have?

While some Hollywood greats certainly rely on Photoshop, other stars share their tips and Weight Loss Tricks with the public.

In our videos you will find out why Kate Middleton has such a body despite three children and also how famous Hollywood stars have lost their pounds.

Lose weight with the right vegetable diet

Lose weight with cabbage soup or with raw vegetables? The trend of Vegetable diet is becoming more and more popular and many people swear by it. Besides that too vegetarian and vegan so get your money's worth, this type of diet has other benefits as well.

You can find out everything about the popular vegetable diet in our clips and articles.

Lose weight with the slim while sleeping diet

Lose weight while you sleep - a diet method that probably appeals to everyone. However, the diet, which sounds so easy, also requires discipline.

In addition, a lot of fat and good meals. Why with the Sleep diet Breakfast is the most important meal and you can find out how shiftworkers can lose weight while they sleep in our clips and articles.

More diets

If you don't care about losing weight in your sleep or shakes, you don't have to worry: there are now so many diets that you can achieve your goal and yours Dream weight being able to lead.

No matter if she lose ten pounds want or just want to feel a little more comfortable in your body - in our clips you will find a wide variety of diets.