What is the starting salary at AIESEC

Salary in consulting: why do some earn more than others?

Paycheck: starting salary in consulting

The city and size of the company influence salaries in consulting. We'll tell you how high the salary in consulting is as a working student or career starter after your studies. We also explain how a doctorate affects your consulting salary.

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Your salary as a working student

The salary of working students in consulting varies greatly, but is generally higher than in other industries. The amount of the salary depends, for example, on the state or the size of the company. This is what a study from the year 2020 by Berufsstart.de, in which 385 consulting companies took part, found out.

Working students earn an average of EUR 12.34 an hour. In small companies with fewer than 100 employees, the average hourly wage is 12.27 euros. If the company has up to 1,000 employees, working students earn around 12.41 euros per hour. For large companies, the hourly remuneration is 12.34 euros. However, the average salary for working students is falling due to the large companies, as there are more small and medium-sized companies that are active in the consulting industry.

You can count on this salary as a career starter

The consulting industry expects a lot, but pays well above average for it. As a beginner, you can expect an annual salary of between 36,367 euros and 58,553 euros. If you work in a smaller company, you earn around 44,000 euros a year, according to Salary.de. If you join a large, well-known company, you can start from 48,700 euros.

Does a doctorate actually lead to a pay rise?

A doctorate in consulting pays off in the long term. Many companies even support doing a doctorate. A doctorate conveys ambition, commitment and competence to the customer. This leads to a greater willingness to trust the advisor. Nevertheless, a doctorate has a rather medium-term effect on the salary. However, it takes about four to five years to become a doctor. If you are considering doing a doctorate and then working in consulting, you should think twice about whether it is worth the effort to you.