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You will only be selected after completing a service on the basis of an earlier entitlement to admission if you actually applied and received admission at the beginning of or during your service. For this reason, if you have a university entrance qualification (HZB) and are interested in studying, you should apply via Hochschulstart at the beginning (but also during your service). If you receive a notification of admission during this time, you are guaranteed to be eligible for a new selection when you leave the office.

Register a claim

The selection based on the earlier admission claim is not granted automatically, but must be applied for with a form and timely application! In order to assert your claim, you have to apply again with the help of Hochschulstart after the end of the service. The required documents and evidence must be attached to the application. These are usually certified copies of the HZB and the current certificate of employment as well as a copy of the notification of admission or notification of restitution from Hochschulstart or a certified copy of the notification of admission from the university (if admission has been granted by the university).

The service certificates are usually issued by the agency (Bundeswehr, Federal Office for Civilian Service), the sending organization and / or the provider (in the case of voluntary service).


The right to preferential selection after completing a service always relates to the course offer (course and place of study) for which you have received admission in the past. When applying again, you should (also in your own interest) pay attention to the following rules and special features:

If you receive a study place or a corresponding offer at the beginning of or during a service based on an application via Hochschulstart, you have the right to take advantage of this offer after completing your service. You can signal this with the help of the "reset" - and it works like this:

You can initiate a deferral in the DoSV application portal under the tab “My applications” using the “Notify deferral” function. Please note that if you defer to the current procedure, you will lose your entitlement to a study place for the corresponding semester. All applications submitted by you are automatically withdrawn from the current procedure as soon as you have notified us that they have been deferred.

In terms of time, a provision takes place within the coordination phase of the DoSV. Here you can decide whether you want to postpone the offer or the approval you have received. However, this also means that you must notify a deferral by the end of the coordination phase at the latest. Before you initiate the reset, please use the above list to carefully check whether you are actually doing a service within the meaning of the applicable regulations.

For the restitution you have made, you will receive a receipt in the form of a restitution notice via the DoSV application portal. This notification of restitution is of a reserved nature and gives you the option of admission at a time after your service has ended. The universities concerned will be informed of the provision. Please note that you are not entitled to enroll in the ongoing award procedure; a notification of admission is deemed to be revoked.

Once you have finished your service, you must definitely apply again via Hochschulstart - in the following way:

After you have registered in the DoSV, submit an application again via the AntOn program for the course offer for which you have either already received admission (but could not accept this because you started work) or for which you received an admission in the previous allocation process Have applied for restitution. Please note that you also claim preferred admission in the AntOn!

You are free to apply for additional courses when you reapply. The preferred selection is also possible if you do not name the range of courses of the previous admission in the first place. This gives you the opportunity to apply with a higher priority for a course that you might prefer. If you are not successful with an application with a higher priority, you will still be admitted via the preferred selection.

The following example outlines such a situation:

Heiko M. received a place at the University of Mainz for the 2020/21 winter semester while he was serving in the medicine course. Since his service has now ended, he will apply again to Hochschulstart in the summer semester of 2021 and now enter the universities of Munich and Heidelberg in addition to the University of Mainz, as he would rather study there than in Mainz. Heiko therefore puts his applications in the following order: 1. University of Munich, 2. University of Heidelberg, 3. University of Mainz. During the coordination phase, Heiko actually receives an admission offer for the highest-priority application at the University of Munich - and can therefore study at his desired location.

If, on the other hand, he does not get a place in Munich or Heidelberg by the end of the coordination phase, he would ultimately be admitted to Mainz based on his existing entitlement.

Time limit

On the basis of the earlier entitlement to admission, you can only make the new selection on the two application dates following the end of the service!

For the veterinary medicine course, for which the study places are only allocated in the winter semester, the entitlement to the two winter semesters after the end of the service comes into consideration. However, you can also assert your claim if you are still on duty at the time of application, but will end your job in good time for the start of your studies. If you apply for the summer semester, the service must end on March 31st at the latest, and for an application for the winter semester on September 30th at the latest. We would also like to provide a small example for this:

Rolf K. was admitted to the field of pharmacy during his service. His service ends on March 31, 2021. He will apply to Hochschulstart in December 2020 while he is still in service for the summer semester 2021 (application deadline: January 15, 2021). Rolf can already be selected for the summer semester 2021 due to his earlier admission claim.

Important: If you do not apply by the second application deadline after the end of the service, your entitlement will expire!