How Much Protein Should Women Consume Each Day?

Proteins & Women: A Difficult Relationship ?!

Why girls need protein too

protein is indispensable for achieving your fitness goals - it should be clear to each of you by now! Nevertheless, I keep observing that the ladies among you in particular like one Avoid protein-rich foods or even make protein shakes - a fatal mistake, because it wastes your unused potential! Why Proteins for women are at least as important as for men, you can find out here!

Important: I leave out the health aspects - you can read enough about that in other articles, for example in my protein article. Now I'm specifically interested in optical aspects, which the ladies in particular are concerned with!

Proteins and Women: What's the Problem?

What actually leads to Proteins are often avoided by women become?! Presumably it is because, in the age of Instagram and Co., everyone really understood that muscles are made of protein. Called: No muscle building without proteins!
For many women, the term muscle building sounds daunting - after all, they want a slim body with tight legs, a firm bottom and a flat stomach. And no 43 biceps and wider shoulders than her boyfriend!

To make matters worse, protein powder is usually intended to target muscular men and promoted with appropriate models - and protruding veins, steel-hard six-packs and an enormous chest hardly correspond to this Women's ideal of beauty.
All in all, this means that women often steer clear of proteins - more than a shame, because this makes their goals unattainable, or at least much more difficult to achieve. Time with the Myths about proteins and women tidy up and provide clarity!

Does protein lead to mountains of muscle in women?

Biggest concern of the ladies: To become a closet overnight due to protein-rich foods - at least do it Proteins around 20% of the muscles out. Girls, I can definitely reassure you here: This will NOT happen! First, your body can only build muscle if you go through a intensive training sets the appropriate stimuli, second, you are genetically simply not able to do so. The reason is that Muscle building hormone testosterone (yes, not only men have that!): You don't have enough of it. Men have more than 16 times as much like you and despite regular strength training and a high protein diet, most of them have to hang in pretty hard to build new gains, right ?! If building muscle were this easy, there wouldn't be a single leek in the world.
You are skeptical and you are thinking of any Extreme examples of women with bigger arms than your thighs ?! Don't worry: you'll never get there - you judge female bodybuilders whole life on their sport, perfect nutrition, training, relaxation, sleep - and often help with (forbidden) substances.

So what you can remember: a high protein consumptiondoes not automatically lead to growing mountains of muscles!

Protein helps women lose weight

The goal of many girls in the gym: Lose weight. And as you know, exercise isn't even half the battle: Your workout helps you with the increased calorie consumption, but ultimately it depends a lot more on yours nutrition at. If you eat fewer calories than you use, you lose weight - easy. What sounds so simple in theory is often not that easy to implement in practice: Crash diets and starvation lead to the dreaded Jojo effect, strict prohibitions too Cravings flashes and Bad mood is preprogrammed anyway.

And this is exactly where protein can save you: In contrast to carbohydrates and fats, protein digestion already costs your body plenty of energy, namely up to 30%. On top of that saturates protein extremely well and protects against cravings - at just four calories per gram (for comparison: carbs also have four calories per gram, fats even 9!).
Another advantage: After consuming protein-rich meals, your body sheds comparatively low insulin out. This stabilizes your blood sugar level, so it also prevents binge eating.
In short: with a protein-rich diet you can lose weight without starving!

Incidentally, many of the currently booming products are based on this principle Low carb dietsin which the daily intake of carbohydrates is reduced in favor of protein.

Muscle building thanks to protein

Next point: Muscle building. I can already imagine how one or the other of you looks now - but really, ladies: stop tormenting yourself for hours on cardio machines and then doing a few half-hearted abdominal exercises. This may result in a lower number on the scales, but you still won't be happy when you look in the mirror. Keyword: Skinny Fat! Because well-toned, slim arms and legs, a flat stomach and a firm bottom don't come from the cross trainer, but thanks to squats and the like! With endurance units you may become thinner and lighter, but you may lose muscles - this makes the whole body appear softer and your problem areas do not go away - you still have, for example, waving arms, just thinner. If you mind intense strength training sets, your muscles grow and "press" against the overlying skin, which then becomes beautiful tight and smooth looks like. And don't worry, the same principle applies here: women don't build gigantic mountains of muscles - you know, testosterone and such! Plus: you can decide specifically where you want to build muscles and thus also equalize genetic proportions. Example: You have broad shoulders - then you also train your legs and waist and your shoulders appear less broad. Muscles shape the bodyr like no other.
In addition to the appropriate workout, the diet must also be right in order to build nice, slim gains. And for that you need Proteins, dear womenbecause muscles are not made of anything else. Your body needs building material.

Last but not least: muscles are THE Calorie killer absolutely. Even when you've long been back from the gym and chilling on the sofa, your muscles are still busy burning calories, 24/7. There is nothing more effective at destroying fat.
So, ladies, grab steak, quark, eggs and Co. more often!

To go with it: Food for building muscle.

Ciao, cellulite: this is how protein ensures beautiful skin and hair in women

Couldn't you all convince yet ?! Then I have an absolutely compelling argument here as to why Proteins and women should be best buddies: protein makes for one beautiful skin, healthy, shiny hair, strong nails and - perhaps most importantly - for one tight connective tissue. Ciao, cellulite! Why?! Easy: Collagen is the main component of connective tissue and what is collagen ?! Yes, a protein, more precisely a structural protein. If you don't have enough of it, your skin lacks structure, resilience and elasticity - then it shows up in the form of unloved dents on the stomach, legs and bottom. So that this doesn't happen in the first place, you can take precautions: Always give your body enough protein building blocks, so-called amino acids. Then he can always produce enough collagen and you are prepared.
The same principle applies to skin, hair and nails: Protein is essential for cell renewal. Or to put it another way: Without proteins, hair, skin and nails cannot be built up or maintained. And honestly, which woman doesn't care ?!

Protein Requirements: How Much Protein For Women?

The German Nutrition Society recommends healthy adults, daily 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight to record. For a 60 kilo woman that means 60 x 0.8 = 48 grams, which are already put in two slices of cheese, 100 grams of chicken and half a can of kidney beans.
In the meantime, however, sports scientists in particular assume that this should be seen as an absolute minimum limit and that you prefer to play poker with higher values, especially if you play sports.

I recommend you, around 1.5 grams per kilogram to record.
If the impression was given above that this only applies to strength athletes - wrong: Endurance athletes need just as much, because your body can gain more energy directly from the amino acids here.
You are afraid of your Kidneys damaged by too much protein?! Don't worry, as long as you are healthy, you can safely dismiss this as a nutritional myth: too much protein becomes easy for the body dropped out unused. The only thing that can happen is that your body becomes acidic in the long run - at least if you get your protein needs mainly from animal sources. Your body can compensate for this for a certain period of time, but it becomes difficult in the long run. So either combine vegetable and animal protein sources or just don't overdo it with low-fat quark, chicken, eggs and the like!

Sources of protein for every goal

Enough theory, here comes the practice: if Proteins so important to women are which sources should you choose ?!
In principle, the answer is simple: As I said, there is mainly a lot of protein in animal products such as eggs, fish, milk and dairy products such as cheese, quark, buttermilk, yoghurt or cream cheese and of course in meat. Vegan sources of protein would be, for example, legumes such as lentils, peas or beans, whole grains such as oat flakes or whole grain bread, seeds and nuts such as cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, flax seeds or sunflower seeds and pseudograins such as amaranth or quinoa. And there's plenty of lactose-free protein too.
However, you should note that as a woman you should be one lower energy requirements than men, if only because of the lower muscle mass and the higher fat percentage. If you now have an office job or do not move much in everyday life, you rarely have a higher calorie consumption than 2,000 - 2,500 calories a day despite exercise.

I therefore advise you to rather low-calorie or low-fat foods to grab. Means: prefer dairy products in the lean level, nuts in moderation, low-fat fish and meats such as poultry, cod and plaice, and go for vegetable sources.

Here's a protein bomb: pea frittata.

You don't know how much energy you need? Here you can calculate your calorie requirement.

Dietary Supplements: Is Whey Protein Useful For Women?

Again and again you hear from special protein products for women such as Shape Shakes. First of all: this is absolute nonsense, girls! If you want to use whey, casein and co., Then you can use exactly the same products as your friend - the human body remains the human body! In the best case scenario, the manufacturers simply want their special ladies' products Make coal and rely on the care of women to mutate into mountains of muscles with “men's whey”. In the worst case, you not only buy overpriced products, but even poor quality, which are full of unnecessary additives and which may also have really bad nutritional values, for example little protein and a higher percentage of carbs.
Generally need but neither women nor men nutritional supplements, a balanced, healthy diet is enough to meet the daily need for macros, micros and vitamins, including protein. Of course there are exceptions in which protein powder makes perfect sense, but that would be beyond the scope of this article.

If you want to know more about the topic, have a look here: Which supplements are really useful?

Conclusion: That's how important proteins are for women and their goals

  • Proteins do not automatically turn women into edgesnot even with proper training. The reason for this: a low level of testosterone.
  • Protein is extremely important for women because it helps build beautiful, lean muscles and they help them Shape your dream figure and at Lose weight help.
  • Beautiful skin, healthy hair, firm nails and firm connective tissue are only possible thanks to collagen - and that is only possible with the supply of sufficient amino acids educated.
  • Protein is a miracle cure for weight loss: it reduces Cravings, long-lasting satiety and stabilizes the blood sugar level.

So, ladies: Could I convince you why? Proteins so important to women are?! Write to me - I'm curious!

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