How do you forget true love

7 steps to forget impossible love

Last update: 23 January, 2018

The impossible love is a love that can never lead to a stable relationship. Or one that ends before it even begins. It seems paradoxical, but this is the kind of love that causes the deepest pain. But how can we forget an impossible love?

Practical people do not get caught up in impossible love. When they see that the conditions aren't right to maintain a fulfilling bond, they accept it and stop themselves in time. However, it is difficult for others to give up any expectations, illusions, or dreams they have built around a relationship. Your feelings are stronger than the omens that the relationship will not work out.

Maybe we never forget the impossible loves. It leaves a scar precisely because it has neither climaxed nor subsided. The picture of the relationship has never been tainted. But even if we don't forget everything it is possible to process your own feelings and put them aside so that you can look ahead.

Here are seven tips for making that a reality.

"Love is like war: easy to start, but difficult to end."

Henry Louis Mencken

1. Determine what makes them impossible love

There is a huge difference between a difficult or problematic love and an impossible love. The latter is not possible.

The most typical example, which also carries the greatest problems with it, is unrequited love. Perhaps it would be better to say that this happens when one person loves the other but they don't feel the same. True love is always mutual.

Of course, you can try to convince someone who is initially not interested in going out with you. However, it is important to understand that there is a point where it is necessary to accept that a relationship has no future.

The same applies to other impossibilities, which can often be reduced to the same common denominator: one loves and the other doesn't. If love is not mutual, it is not possible.

2. Check your fantasies about love

It often happens that the difficulties in getting rid of an impossible love stem from the fantasies that have become a part of our culture. Examples are the "soul mate" and the "love of life". These stereotypes fuel the notion that there is a person who is “destined” to be our partner.

While that's a nice idea, it's not real. Humans have the ability to love unconditionally. When you have had a relationship and face the end of it, you take from it the experience and wisdom that it brought you. And usually the next relationship goes better.

We can always start over and all new experiences can be better than past ones. In fact, over time we learn to love more generously and with more tolerance when we are not bound by the impossible dreams we sometimes have.

3. Recognize the downside

Falling in love - not love - often allows us to idealize people and situations. In some cases, we associate relationships with virtues or characteristics that they don't actually have, or that they only have to a certain extent. In order to overcome these mental walls, it is important that we also look at the negative sides of a relationship.

What are the shortcomings of the person you think you love? Is there or was there anything unsatisfactory in the relationship? Can you imagine how these flaws and mistakes would affect the relationship over the years? These are questions that you should ask yourself and try to answer with total honesty. It is possible that your perspective will end up becoming more realistic.

4. Accept that it is time to forget

This is the hardest step. It has been proven that a person who wants to be in a relationship but cannot, Shows reactions similar to those experienced by addicts with withdrawal symptoms. Emotional restlessness or even physical restlessness are sometimes difficult to bear. And as for the addict It is particularly difficult for the person in love to accept that a dependency exists. A dependency that causes great suffering and a feeling of powerlessness.

It seems easy to admit, but it isn't. Sometimes we are able to fabricate stories and rationalize any excuse for not accepting it. However, we then remain victims of addiction. Being able to accept this is the most important step. He will help you to reset your focus and clarify which steps you should take.

5. Loosen ties and get rid of mementos

After accepting that it is time to leave impossible love behind the next step is to break the bond that is left. That means no calls, no attempts to meet again, distance yourself from mutual friends, and anything else that helps us break the bond we had with that person. In particular, we should end the contacts we have with them on social networks, because these are the most insidious.

At the same time, it is important to get rid of souvenirs. Delete photos, throw away presents. If you're not ready to say goodbye to them, pack them up and move them to a place that is difficult to get to. When you are more determined in your decision, shatter everything. It's a way of breaking away from the presence of impossible love.

6. Change your routine, try something new

It's time to start fresh. Your impossible love probably took a long time, months or even years. Letting go of all of this won't be easy. Nonetheless, if you choose to seek change, it will get easier for you.

There are sure to be things you always wanted to do. And for one reason or another you put them on the back burner. Now is the time to start working through this to-do list.

Farewell also means a time when you can motivate yourself to do new things or to discover new places. Travel is always an excellent alternative. Why don't you try It's also worth exploring your skills, enrolling in a class that allows you to meet new people, or try a new hobby. Life goes on - and there are thousands of things to do.

7. Give time to time

There are different kinds of love. Some of them leave such a deep scar on you that they will not leave you no matter how often the ebb and flow alternate. Impossible love almost always takes root in us for a long time and calls out to us to remember it. And whether we like it or not, many of us are hopeless dreamers. We just don't accept the idea that borders exist or that sometimes we have no other option but to give in.

Forgetting impossible love is something we can never do from one day to the next. It takes determination, courage and character. It will be difficult and there will be small setbacks, but time will help you to grow: when you realize that you can no longer nourish a love that cannot be. When you break the bond to start over. Then you will gradually find that this person is moving to another room in your head and heart. You will feel more and more inner peace. You will realize that you have learned and grown a lot in the process of loving and letting go.

The wonderful thing about it is that we take a decisive step towards becoming better people when we find the limits of our own possibilities and accept them.

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