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Dungeons and Dragons is a fantasy role-playing game, which was first produced in 1974. It's a popular pastime for Mike, Lucas, Will and Dustin who play the 1983 Expert Edition of the game in Mike's basement. They use the elements and monsters of the game to describe and explain the otherwise alien forces that haunt Hawkins.

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Extract from Wikipedia on the game and its history:
In 1974, D&D was first successfully marketed in the United States by the company Tactical Studies Rules, which was founded for this purpose. In November 1983 Fantasy Spiele Verlags-GmbH brought the first German translation onto the market. The game is now manufactured and distributed by the company Wizards of the Coast. The German version, which does not include all products of the original, was produced by Feder & Schwert until the end of 2008. There is currently no German licensee.

A further development of D&D is the set of rules Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (English for advanced dungeons and dragons, AD&D or ADnD for short), which was also developed by Gary Gygax and exceeded its predecessor in complexity. A first edition appeared in 1977, a second followed in 1989. The D&D and AD&D rules existed side by side for decades, with the latter increasingly overshadowing the original version. Finally, in 2000, D & D's sales were completely discontinued. AD&D has been revised and continued under the more common name D&D Version 3.0 and its revision 3.5. In June 2008, version 4.0, a profound further development of the control system, appeared. Version 5.0 was released in 2014. In the beginning, D&D only played in large underground mazes, the eponymous dungeons. Rules for wilderness adventures were later drafted, which ultimately resulted in the introduction of new game worlds.[1]

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