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After the closure, a new fruit and vegetable company is set up

With the closure of the Horeca channel due to Corona, many food companies had to temporarily suspend their activities. While the business impact has been strong, the situation has also given companies an opportunity to diversify and seek new solutions.

For example, there is the Nuttra Group, a Spanish company based in Vitoria in the Basque province of Álava that has been importing and distributing alcoholic beverages for decades. Over the years the company has gradually expanded its activities, but always in the food industry. For example, the group acquired a meat factory, a manufacturing company that makes vegetable burgers and convenience products, and a potato processing company. Recently, during the closure, it took the opportunity to conduct an in-depth market study. The result is a recently opened department for the sale of fresh fruits and vegetables.

"During the closure, we had enough time to thoroughly examine the fruit and vegetable market and the operators present there," said Atilio Saldias, director of the fruit and vegetable department at Grupo Nuttra. “We have set up a department that imports fruit and vegetables from the most important growing areas around the world in order to sell them on the Spanish market. We will also export Spanish products to EU countries and beyond such as the Middle East and Asia.
Finally, we will also deal with the direct marketing of products from different sources in several international markets in order to avoid the intervention of intermediaries as much as possible. "

In order to carry out the marketing of fruits and vegetables, the company has opened offices in Barcelona. “Most of the Spanish operators are here. We are considering other locations as well, but from a commercial point of view we chose Barcelona. Our department is already up and running and we are not only excited about the establishment of this division, but also about our ambitious growth projects, ”said Atilio Saldias.

“We are already loading citrus fruits in South Africa before the harvests in Spain begin. Soon we will be working with Italian grapes as the harvest begins. We also load limes from Brazil, which we will also be selling all year round, and complete the programs with fruits from Mexico and Vietnam. We will work with Chilean kiwis (whatever is possible at this point in the season) and move on to Italy and Greece later. In addition, we have already started to prepare for the autumn and winter programs with Spanish seasonal products and a number of exotic species, including pineapples and mangoes, ”he said.

The increasing acquisitions of small companies by large consortia in the fruit and vegetable sector also offer opportunities for smaller companies, according to Atilio. “Our fruit and vegetable department has been received very positively. A new wind is usually welcome in this sector, especially when presented as an alternative to the traditional and large groups that dominate the market. We want to provide a direct link to production without intermediaries and with a highly customized and approachable service, which is very much appreciated by European and international operators.
In our world of fruit and vegetables, the human factor must lay the foundation for every company and its development. "

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