What are building materials 2

The marketplace for circular building materials.

Buy building materials online at restado

restado is Europe leading marketplace for building materials from dismantling and left over on construction sites. over 1,000,000 building materials with different variants are available for every professional or private construction project. The building material is either new and comes from overorders or from dismantling in good condition and at a reasonable price. We guarantee one for our materials high quality, up to 70% cheaper prices and very often one Germany-wide delivery. We also deliver to Austria and Switzerland. Our large range of components extends from doors and tiles to facade elements.

Used building materials at an affordable price

Since it was about used building materials or new building materialswhich are left over, we can offer the building materials at a much cheaper price. The price difference is up to 70%, sometimes even more.

Old bricks, scrap wood and more

We have a large selection of building materials and dealers, especially the area of ​​old bricks and clinker as well as reclaimed wood and old beams. The selection ranges from old bricks, old brick slips, old wooden boards and old wooden beams.

You will also find building materials such as used windows, natural stone facing or Braas bricks. All building materials are divided into the following categories:

We also have a large selection of building material remaining stock.

Circular building materials

The building materials in the restado online shop come mainly from two sources:

New and overordered building materials

For various reasons, a lot of building materials are often left over on construction sites. These are either disposed of directly or end up in the craftsmen's material warehouse. This is particularly common for building materials such as, insulation, rockwool, windows, tiles & stones and more.

Construction materials from dismantling

The dismantling of clinker and brick, and old wood and old beams is very common. But also doors and Recycled concrete. We already have the largest selection there in Germany Building materials from dismantling steadily expand.

Building material in your region

In the virtual hardware store you can search for building materials in your area. Popular cities are:

On our overview map you can also look at building materials in your area using Google Maps. We also work with local component exchanges, such as the Berlin-Brandenburg component exchange and the Hanover component exchange.

Roof tiles special item

You can also find a large selection of special roof tile items on restado. We sell 2nd quality bricks from manufacturers such as Wienerberger, Braas and Creaton. The prices of the roof tiles are up to 70% cheaper with the same quality.

Historic building materials on restado

Some of the building materials on restado are historical building materials. These are, for example, old bricks, old beams or even doors. Historical building materials have a special aesthetic and give your next building project a special charm!

restado as a circular economy startup

restado sees itself as a green tech startup in the field of circular economy. The idea is our cities in the sense of the To consider urban mining as a raw material exchange. Through the direct Reuse, upcycling and recycling too valuable resources can be saved by building materials. This creates a cycle that is ecologically and economically sensible. From an ecological point of view, this conserves resources and, for example, drastically reduces the CO2 footprint of a single building material. Resource efficiency is an important part of the circular economy in construction. But also from an economic point of view, restado is an innovative concept of the circular economy, since the building materials can be offered cheaply with it. restado is sustainable and at the same time good for your wallet. You can also find out more about us here.

Guide to circular building

In order to expand our range, we also offer building tips in addition to inexpensive building materials. These are advisors on the subject of building. Here you will find color tips, advice on the correct selection of tiles, inspiration for wallpaper symbols and a detailed explanation of the use of glass in construction. In the future it is our endeavor to offer you a lot more Know-how and instructions for the installation of building materials to deliver to make building an experience. If you also have interesting advice, you are welcome to send it to us using the contact form.

Multiple award-winning building material marketplace

With our idea of ​​a marketplace for circular building materials, we already have several awards receive. So restado is one of the Top 20 Construction Tech Startups in the Procumerent area and was already in the final of the renowned Green Alley Award.

Your online hardware store

In the past you had to laboriously buy your building materials in the hardware store, today it is easy and cheap online. Are you looking for old bricks, skylights or paving stones cheaply online? With just one click you can find everything and order it directly. The advantage of restado is that you can also sell your leftover building materials. In just two minutes you can set up your building material and potential buyers can buy these materials.