What does it mean to rate rubrics

Create and manage grading rubrics in Microsoft Teams

You can use the Assignment Tool under Assignments to create customizable, reusable topics that students can use as reference and use when evaluating their work.

Create a new rubric

  1. Navigate to the channel in one of your courses " Generally "and select the tab tasks out.

  2. Select>taskCreate out.

  3. Choose Add rubricand then + new rubricout. The rubric creation will then open.

  4. Add a title (required) and a description (optional). Activate Points (Points) if you want to assign point values ​​to your grading criteria.

  5. Adjusting the grading criteria:

    The excellent, good, fair, and bad default settings can be customized to suit your own grading strategy. If you have added points, you can adjust them here as well.

    Use the plus signs to add new columns and rows to your criteria.

    Select the Copy icon to duplicate a row or column.

    Select the Garbage can icon to delete a row or column.

    Tip: Enter the percentage 100 if you want to weight some criteria more heavily than others. Make sure the percentages add up to 100. If you want to reset all percentages, choose Evenly distribute weights (Distribute weights evenly).

  6. When you have finished customizing your rubric, select Attach (Append).

  7. Fill in the details of the task, then select To assign to send them to the students. When the course participants open the assignment, they can open your rubric and use it as a reference.

    Tip:Preview your student's view of the assignment by opening it, then Student viewchoose.

Reuse a rubric that has already been created

Every time you create a rubric and attach it to an assignment, it is saved in the list of rubrics. This is how you can reuse a rubric:

  1. Navigate to the channel in one of your courses " Generally "and select the tab tasks out.

  2. Choose Create> Task out.

  3. Choose Add rubric , select a rubric from the list, and then select furtherout.

  4. Edit the rubric as needed.

  5. Choose Attach (Append).

Grade student work using rubrics

  1. Navigate to the channel in the class Generally and select the tab tasks out.

  2. Select the task you want to review.

  3. Select the document your student placed below the status to open it in Full Screen View.

  4. Select the rubric name. This will open the rubric next to the student's document.

  5. While reviewing your student's work, use the drop-down menu or arrows to select the criteria you assessed.

  6. Select the appropriate rating you would like to give the student for each criterion. When you select the rating, the rating square is displayed in blue.

  7. In the feedback field, enter any personalized feedback that you would like to link to these criteria.

    Note:You can also open the Grading Rubric if you want to see the entire grid at once while making your selections.

  8. Continue until you have worked through the entire rubric. Then choose Done (Done) off.

  9. If you specified point values ​​and weights when creating the rubric, the points for the task are already arranged in a table. This is also where you can add additional feedback if you'd like.

  10. Choose return (Check In) to return the work to the student now, or use the arrows to jump to the next student to grade more work.

When students receive their returned work, they can open their section and see how you rated their work and what you provided as personalized feedback:

Delete a rubric so that it is no longer displayed in your rubric list. This will not remove the rubric from tasks to which it is already attached.

  1. In a new or existing assignment draft, select " Add rubric " out.

  2. Select the x next to the rubric you want to remove.

Note:Rubrics attached to draft mappings cannot be deleted.

You can share rubrics created in Microsoft Teams by downloading them as a CSV file. When the CSV file is uploaded to Teams again, the section retains all of the structure and content of the original. Just customize for your own use and add a task.

Download a rubric for sharing

  1. Navigate to the channel in one of your courses " Generally "and select the tab tasks out.

  2. Select a task with the rubric attached, then edit the task.

  3. Select the rubric to open it.

  4. Select as CSV file download and follow the instructions to save your rubric as a CSV file.

Now the CSV file is set to be shared with other educators. Share a PLC or a team of employees so everyone has access.

Note:For best results, work on your rubrics in teams rather than in other programs.

Upload a CSV category file to Teams

Follow the steps below to add a CSV rubric that has been shared with you.

Important:You should only upload CSV rubrics originally downloaded from Teams.

  1. In a new or existing assignment draft, select " Add rubric " out.

  2. Choose Upload rubric , select the CSV file, and then select furtherout.

  3. Review the rubric you added in the Rubric Creator window and make any changes you want.

  4. Choose Append to add it to their job. You can also use this rubric for future tasks.