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Statutory health insurance: Competition is melting away due to new laws

11.02.2019 – 10:13

BKK regional association of Bavaria

Munich (ots)

The 16 company health insurance funds (BKK) based in Bavaria currently have 3.14 million insured persons. A record value that makes an important contribution to diversity and competition for patient-oriented health insurance. However, the foundations of diversity and competition are once again being called into question by various legislative plans. The liquidity reserves of the statutory health insurance funds and their financial autonomy are currently to be further reduced. This intensifies the already existing distortions in the financial equalization and unnecessarily restricts the scope of action of the health insurances.

Sigrid König, board member of the BKK Landesverband Bayern: "If you want to maintain competition and diversity in health insurance, you have to give the health insurers a healthy financial basis and scope for action. Above all, you should control the competition for quality and not be stingy if necessary Support awesome mentality. Health insurance companies are not profit-oriented, so surpluses are not a problem per se. The competition for quality is being disrupted by increasing state intervention in the self-administration of health insurance companies. "

The fact is: The surpluses of individual health insurances were financed through additional contributions from other solidarity communities. Because the different additional contributions of the health insurance companies are the result of an inclined financial equalization. Sigrid König: "As long as the allocations from the health fund are not fair and the levers for manipulation remain, competition and freedom of choice will be reduced to the detriment of the insured. There is indeed an acute need for reform."

König demands that the provisions of the Law on Relief for Insured Persons remain in effect. These stipulate that a reform of the financial equalization will first straighten out existing financial difficulties. Comprehensive contribution rate reductions can only follow in the second step. Otherwise, the cash registers, which are already at a competitive disadvantage, will be put under further pressure.

Current background:

The recently submitted draft of the law on the contribution relief for company pensioners will not only relieve pensioners. It contains a large number of regulations that restrict self-administration and competition in statutory health insurance: For example, health insurance companies should in future also point out their insured persons to special termination rights if their own additional contribution remains stable, but the national average contribution falls. And the additional contribution should only be able to be increased when the assets amount to a maximum of 75 percent of a monthly expenditure.

As a corporation under public law, the BKK Landesverband Bayern represents the interests of the company health insurance funds and their insured persons in Bavaria. The BKK Landesverband Bayern currently has 16 company health insurance funds as members with over 3.1 million insured persons (head office). In Bavaria itself there are more than 2.4 million people who are insured with a company health insurance fund (BKK). This means that the company health insurance funds in the Free State have a GKV market share of around 22 percent.

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