How can I get free backlinks

How to find free backlinks for your websites

Backlinks are still one of the strongest ranking signals badly. No matter how much OnPage optimization can be done, strong links are still crucial for the really hard-fought competitions for the top spots on Google. However, establishing a link usually takes a lot of time.

In addition, very high amounts are often paid for valuable backlinks (yes, the purchase of backlinks is still carried out by some, although Google is taking massive action against it). Save the money and rely on link building tactics that are less likely to be penalized by Google.

In the following I would like to introduce you to some link sources where you free backlinks (free backlinks).

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Guest Posts

Post guest posts on topic-related blogs and ask that your page be linked in the guest article. With this you can get really bold links.

With my previous guest posts on other blogs, I was able to significantly increase my reach, rankings and visitor numbers. This strategy is really not difficult, you just have to get in touch with other blogs and ask them about the possibility of posting a guest article on the blog.

It often makes sense to make friends with the blogger beforehand and to regularly share and comment on their posts AND only then ask whether it is possible to publish a guest post. This increases the opportunities to publish a post on another blog.

You can also search for blogs that post guest articles on their site, e.g. B. on Twitter or Google, search. Simply enter "# guest post + your keyword" or "guest article + your keyword" when searching.

PDF shares

Upload your presentations, blog posts, case studies or the like to the following websites: You can include links to your landing pages in the PDFs, but also in the user profile.

Web directories

Phew, hot iron. Web directories are actually dead and can hardly (positively) influence your ranking on Google. However, they are still suitable for collecting one or two links for free and for generating a natural link profile.

It looks a little different with business directories, such as B. A link from such pages can be very useful in local SEO for companies in the region.

Tip: Unfortunately not free, but the service from saves a lot of time. Up to 53 business directories can be created there with one click. Something like, Yelp, Cylex and many other well-known directories are automatically entered there.

Online libraries

Create an e-book from your contributions and make it available for download on your website. There are “online libraries” where you can register your e-book. This allows you to increase the reach and awareness of your e-book. I have entered all of my “Online Marketing” e-books on and have received some visitors and of course backlinks as a result.

Job boards

Are you looking for a student assistant or intern? Excellent! Instead of posting a notice on the bulletin board of the next university or elsewhere offline, you can convert the job posting into a stylish PDF and send it to online job portals and job exchanges. It is important that the link in the PDF can be clicked and that your job posting can also be viewed on the Internet without any barriers. For example, some strong university websites have: B. such an online job exchange.

Blog comments ... especially DoFollow blogs

Comments on well-visited blogs are great for getting more visitors to your website, but not for getting better rankings on Google. Many blogs have set their comments to "NoFollow", but also the few blogs that allow "DoFollow" links in the comments will hardly affect the ranking of your site, as the link building by means of blog comments is now hardly rated by Google (more on this here : Backlinks from blogs).

Forums and question and answer portals

Well placed links in Forumsthat are also relevant to the topic and are placed on well-visited portals can improve the ranking on Google (albeit not by much). It is important that the link and your profile in the forum appear natural. So just set a link to your landing page if it fits. Participate in the discussions without posting a link to your page. Many forums offer a signature. Links can also be placed there.
If you are looking for suitable forums, you should have a look here: backlinks from forums

Question & answer portals are also very popular. You can also try to place a link here if it is thematically appropriate.

Reddit is a social news aggregator according to Wikipedia. Interesting pictures, videos, but also links to interesting content can be posted on this website. The communities here are very active, but this also means that inappropriate links that are only intended for link building are quickly deleted. Therefore only set links to content that has added value, e.g. B. I posted my post +250 free online tools there.

2.0 blogs

Free 2.0 blogs can also be used as free link sources. However, caution is also advised: If you only build links from 2.0 blogs or a link wheel, this can very quickly be punished by Google as link spam.

I have put together an interesting list of 2.0 blogs for you here: 2.0 blogs

Backlink generators

Use only at your own risk!

I don't know who should use something like this, since link generators generate tons of bad spam backlinks for a target page. Such links have no positive effect and are more of a threat than promoting a page in the ranking.

Such backlink generators are probably used particularly often by link builders who want to turn you on 300 backlinks with a PR5 to PR10 on Ebay for € 7.99 or less / more!

My advice: Hands off!

If you want to "see" such a generator, you can look at this link here:

Link lists on other websites

This link building strategy is a bit more work, but it can also be very effective. Search other websites for link lists that are thematically related to your website. As soon as you have found a suitable link list, you should ask the operator whether your page can also be included. The higher the quality of the texts, the greater the chances of being accepted.
To find such lists, you can simply enter the following on Google:

  • intitle: keyword inurl: "links"
  • intitle: keyword inurl: "linklist"
  • intitle: keyword inurl: "links keyword"
  • intitle: university inurl: "links keyword"


Write a great post that offers information to your target audience that is rarely or not available otherwise.

My two contributions "Free Online Tools" is exactly such a contribution. This offers a high added value (what is high-quality content?) And was accordingly often shared in the social channels and even voluntarily linked from a few websites without my intervention.

Take a look at which topics are of particular interest to your target groups. Try to find out which posts from you and your competition were particularly popular. With the competition, you can see this from the number of comments and social signals on the individual posts. If a contribution from your competition has been shared and commented on particularly often, the topic seems to have resonated very well with the target group.

You can also use to research a suitable topic. There you can see which keywords were shared particularly often. Very helpful for finding really interesting topics for a linkbait.

The tips described above are just a small excerpt of where you can find free backlinks everywhere. Be creative with link building and try to always generate backlinks for your websites from different sources. This is how your page will come up in the ranking.

What are your link sources? Which ones did you already know and which ones can you recommend?