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The 12 most beautiful holiday destinations in the world

Paradise islands, historical sites, mystical lakes and lively cities - the variety of beautiful holiday destinations on earth is almost inexhaustible. Nevertheless, we went looking for you and unearthed some very special pearls for every taste. In the following we want to introduce you to the 12 most beautiful holiday destinations worldwide!

1. Lake Taupo, New Zealand

New Zealand is the right place for anyone who longs for stunningly beautiful natural landscapes on vacation. With its seemingly endless beaches, idyllic waters, mighty mountain ranges and gently rolling hills, the country "Under Down Under" is probably one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world - and one of the most beautiful places in the island paradise is Lake Taupo, which is centrally located on the North Island of New Zealand. During a stay here you can take long walks on the shore or through the nearby Togariro National Park and enjoy the tranquility of the unspoiled landscape, the geysers in the "Craters of the Moon" in the north of the lake and the Maori cave carvings on the Marvel at Mine Bay cliffs or feel small in the most positive sense in front of the thundering Huka waterfalls. All fans of Middle earth can also reach the small town of Matamata, which film and book fans have also known as Hobbiton for several years, in under two hours from here.

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2. Santorini, Greece

Santorin, or Santorini in Greek, looks like something out of a picture book about Greece: white and blue, cubic houses in the Cycladic style, with countless small stairs, courtyards and terraces, built up the slope and all overlooking the sea sparkling in the sun. So it's no wonder that this Greek island paradise has made it onto the list of the most beautiful holiday destinations! Already looking at the pictures you get that holiday feeling and if you only watch the sunset on the horizon with wine and olives, then you have long left the stress of everyday life behind you. There is also a lot to do here between the relaxed, mild evenings: For example, you can visit the excavations in Alt-Theka and Akrotiri, walk along the cliff path between the two cities of Ia and Fira or visit the many museums in the surrounding cities, for example the mineral and fossil museum in Perisa or the exhibition and cultural center “Santozeum” in Fira.

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3. Bath, England

The English city of Bath got its name from the Roman baths that can be found and visited in the city to this day. The pretty spa town is located in Somerset, about a two-hour drive west of London and is the ideal holiday destination for those looking for a bit of peace, relaxation and British charm. For the British, Bath is therefore one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the country. In addition to the Roman baths, where you can spend a relaxing day by the water with tea and cake, the city's unique architecture and lively cultural scene are particularly impressive. If you want to spend a little time in the country, you can go for long walks in the wonderful parks and gardens of Bath, above all the Royal Victoria Park, the Parade Gardens and Alexandra Park, which overlooks the city.

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4. Arizona, USA

The state of Arizona in the USA is a true paradise for all nature lovers - from the impressive Grand Canyon over the Colorado River, which runs through the gorges of the Horseshoe Bend, and the unique sandstone hills in the gigantic Monument Valley to the natural wonders in the three Arizona's major national parks. In the Petrified Forest National Park, for example, you can admire the Crystal Forest - a plain with huge tree trunks in which crystal structures have formed and make them seem petrified - as well as marvel at unique landscapes such as the Painted Desert, the Blue Mesa or the stone formations of the Tepees . Another highlight: In the national parks of the western US state you can not only be inspired by unique natural wonders during the day, the night under the open sky is also unreally beautiful thanks to the stunning view of the starry sky - so definitely a few nights camping with you plan on!

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5. Tokyo, Japan

There is hardly a city in the world that combines contradictions as strongly and, above all, as successfully as the Japanese capital Tokyo: tradition and modernity, eastern and western culture, nature and the big city all coexist here harmoniously and give the city its very special flair. If you are on holiday in Tokyo, you should definitely not miss visiting one of the numerous temples in the region and experiencing the traditional Japanese architecture and the unique atmosphere in religious places such as the Meiji Shrine or the Sensô-Ji Temple. A visit to the Akihabara entertainment district should also be on the program - especially for those who appreciate Eastern entertainment including anime, manga and video games. To relax after a stroll, visit the gardens around the Imperial Palace or parks such as Ueno Park, which are particularly beautiful in spring when the cherry blossoms are in bloom.

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6. Phong Nha - Kẻ Bàng National Park, Vietnam

The Phong Nha - Kẻ Bàng National Park in Vietnam gets its name from two of its numerous sights: the Phong Nha Caves and the Kẻ Bàng Forest, the caves being the absolute highlight of every visit here: The huge underground system is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is located in the oldest karst mountains in Asia, which were formed around 400 million years ago. The caves are criss-crossed by an approximately 14-kilometer-long underground river and around 45 kilometers of corridors, which visitors can penetrate around 1.5 kilometers into. The area, which is open to tourists, can be explored partly on foot and partly by boat and with its 14 grottos is a dream for every passionate cave fan. Other caves, such as the Tien Son caves, invite you to explore the underground world, while in the rest of the Phong Nha - Kẻ Bàng National Park you will find idyllic forest and coastal paths with rare representatives of the local fauna and flora.

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7. Maldives, Indian Ocean

Anyone who hears dream vacations will almost certainly think first of all of white beaches, palm trees and endless sunshine - and that is precisely why the Maldives are one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world for many vacationers. The paradisiacal island state in the Indian Ocean offers everything a holidaymaker's heart desires, from relaxation to adventure: You can enjoy relaxing hours sunbathing on dreamy beaches, splash around with the whole family in the refreshing water or watch romantic sunsets over the gentle waves with your loved one at the horizon. More active natures can exert themselves in various water sports such as windsurfing and kite surfing, water skiing and sailing or dive into the underwater world to marvel at the impressive reefs and their magnificent inhabitants. If you dive in the right places, you can even watch sea turtles and various shark species or explore sunken ships in the Maldives.

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8. New York City, USA

Anyone who has ever visited the Big Apple on the east coast of the USA knows that this city cannot be compared to any other city in the world: from its unsurpassed range of art and culture to its impressive architecture with the iconic Statue of Liberty and the unmistakable skyline, to to that very special New York charm that seems to run in the blood of the residents of this city. No matter whether you want to go on a cultural tour through the countless museums, galleries and theaters on and off Broadway for a few days, indulge in shopping trips, mingle with the locals over coffee and cake in the city's stylish cafés or in the Central Park picnics, jogs or attends the many local events - the Big Apple will inevitably cast its spell on you and won't let go of you so quickly. Nowhere else are you so on the pulse of the times.

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9. Tikal, Guatemala

From the modern city straight to ancient civilizations: Tikal in the rainforest of Guatemala was once the largest and is now one of the best preserved Maya sites in the world and as such probably one of the most fascinating places on earth. The huge, up to 70 meters high temples and other buildings were partly built around 400 BC. Built during the city's heyday between 200 and 900 AD. The population of Tikal fluctuated greatly during its existence, but at all times it numbered between 50,000 and 200,000 people. Assuming that the total world population in the 9th century is estimated at around 200 to 300 million, these numbers are almost unbelievable for the conditions at the time.

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10. Loch Ness, Scotland

Admittedly, it's a matter of taste, but at least this author is of the opinion that New Zealand and Scotland can shake hands on the two most beautiful holiday destinations on earth - and no place north of the Wall (Hadrian's Wall, of course) is as mystical and at the same time stunningly beautiful as the most famous lake in the country: Loch Ness. If you are not afraid of ancient monsters underwater, or even want to actively search for them, you should definitely take a boat trip here - preferably in autumn, when the densely growing trees on the shore present themselves in all possible colors and the warm rays of the sun shine Let the view of the water become an absolutely unique experience. You can learn more about Nessie at the Nessie Museum in Drumnadrochit on the west bank of the loch, while at Urquhart Castle you can learn a lot about the historically documented residents of Loch Ness and their own sightings of the sea monster.

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11. Marrakech, Morocco

With its oriental flair, lively markets and wonderful architecture, Marrakech in the African Morocco looks like a dream from 1001 nights. If you want to learn more about culture here, you should definitely go to the local bazaar and visit some of the famous historical buildings, for example the Koutoubia Mosque, the Bahia Palace or the Bab Agnaou, one of the 19 city gates of Marrakech. A wide variety of very interesting museums with topics such as Islamic art, ceramics or Berber culture can also be visited here. Outside the city walls, however, the wonderful view of a sea of ​​palm trees against the background of the snow-covered mountains awaits and invites visitors to small or large tours through Morocco. In the evening you reflect on the typical southern way of life and enjoy the warm summer evenings while trying the highly recommended Moroccan cuisine and refreshing drinks.

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12. Reykjavik, Iceland

This country should of course not be missing from our list of the most beautiful holiday destinations! In Iceland you can not only observe the fascinating northern lights, the country as a whole looks as if it had almost jumped out of a fantasy novel: unreally beautiful landscapes, roaring waterfalls, eerie gorges and caves. Then there are the lovable residents of Iceland who do not enter some places in their wonderful country because they do not want to disturb the fairies and gnomes that are supposed to live there (they are even legally protected there). The capital Reykjavik is the perfect base from which to explore the largely untouched country, but the city itself also has a lot to offer.

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