Which can cause symptoms similar to ADD

Symptoms of ADHD vary in severity

A good example is the excessive restlessness of movement (hyperactivity), which is often in the foreground of the complaints in children (especially boys) of primary school age. In many cases, this symptom seems to subside from adolescence. In fact, it is often the case that the external restlessness only changes over the course of the process: Those affected then experience this as internal restlessness and often feel as if they were “driven”.

Behavioral disorders besides ADHD

The differences in the individual appearance of ADHD are partly due to the fact that some of the children and adolescents have one or more other disorders in addition to ADHD. Often these are partial performance disorders (e.g. reading, arithmetic or writing disorders without impairing intelligence) and disorders of movement coordination. In other cases, there is pronounced defiance, tics, anxiety disorders or autism. Diagnosing all diseases that coexist may require patience, but it is essential for long-term treatment success.

Positive characteristics of ADHD

Symptoms of ADHD can significantly reduce the performance of the affected children and adolescents and cause considerable distress. However, experience also shows that in many cases the disorder is associated with positive traits and characteristics of those affected. Examples are a high degree of creativity, spontaneity, quick-wittedness, good empathy, a pronounced sense of justice and an overall charming, lively nature. In times of conflict, parents sometimes “unlearn” to see these and other positive sides of ADHD in their children. Then it can be important to be aware of this aspect again and again.

It is an encouraging observation that many adult ADHD patients have learned to live and manage their ADHD. They stand by their husbands or wives in everyday life, are committed fathers and mothers and achieve above-average or special things both in their family and at work.

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