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05/17/2021 - Slowly spoken news

Heavy air and rocket attacks in the Middle East again

Israeli fighter jets bombed around 35 targets in the Gaza Strip again during the night. According to the army, the attacks mainly targeted the Hamas tunnel system and the homes of nine high-ranking Hamas commanders. Roads and a power line were also hit. During the night, the Islamist terrorist organization fired rockets again at several Israeli cities. The international calls for an end to the hostilities between the radical Islamic Palestinian organization Hamas and Israel became louder at the weekend, but faded away from the conflicting parties.


Left shift in vote in Chile

In the election for the constituent assembly in Chile, the party of the Conservative President Sebastian Pinera suffered a heavy defeat. After counting 90 percent of the votes, Pinera's "Vamos por Chile" only got a good 21 percent. Left-wing parties and center-left groups achieved a good 56 percent overall. The gathering is of historical importance. It is supposed to work out a new constitution, which will replace the current one from the time of the military dictatorship from 1973 to 1990. The constitution will then be voted on in the coming year.


Demonstrators in Colombia are making demands

In Colombia, representatives of the protest movement have handed over a list of demands to the government. These include, among other things, an end to the use of firearms by the police, measures against sexual violence on the part of the security forces and the processing of acts of violence against demonstrators. Representatives from the UN and the Church are also to take part in talks between the government and demonstrators. At least 42 people have died in the protests that have been going on since the end of April against a tax reform that has since been withdrawn and for the peace process.


Infection incidence in Germany continues to decline

The corona situation in Germany continues to ease. As the Robert Koch Institute announced, 5412 more infections were registered, a good 1500 fewer than on Monday a week ago. The seven-day incidence per 100,000 population was unchanged at 83.1. In addition, 64 other deaths were reported. Since the beginning of the pandemic, around 3.6 million people have been infected in Germany and more than 86,000 have died. In Germany, more than 30 million people had received at least one vaccination by the weekend, and a good nine million were fully vaccinated.


UN study: Hundreds of thousands dead due to overwork

According to a UN study, long working hours cost hundreds of thousands of lives every year. The World Health Organization and the International Labor Organization estimate that around 398,000 people worldwide died of strokes and around 347,000 of coronary heart disease in 2016 because they worked 55 hours a week or more. The two authorities published global estimates for the first time. The corona crisis could exacerbate this development, warned WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. In the home office, work and free time are often blurred.


Reconciliation agreement with Namibia is apparently about to be concluded

The negotiations on how to deal with the crimes of the German colonial power in the former German South West Africa are apparently nearing completion. According to information from Deutschlandfunk, Germany and Namibia have agreed on a framework agreement. After the latest round of talks, the Namibian negotiator Ueriuka Tjikuua informed the German Press Agency that a corresponding negotiation report would now be submitted to the governments for approval. Tens of thousands of members of the Herero and Nama ethnic groups were brutally killed by colonial troops.


"Sea-Eye 4" harbors migrants for the first time

The new refugee rescue ship "Sea-Eye 4" rescued more than 170 refugees off Libya from distress on its first mission. The people drifted on the Mediterranean with unsuitable boats. The German aid organization Sea-Eye announced that there were many children and a pregnant woman among those rescued. A rescue operation on another boat with 50 people on board is imminent. The private sea rescuers repeatedly criticize the fact that the Libyan coast guard intercepts boat migrants and brings them back to the civil war country, where they are threatened with human rights violations.