How much are animators paid

The salary as an entertainer

Gross salary as an entertainer

jobAnimator - free time
Monthly gross salary1.800,00€
Annual gross salary21.600,00€
How much net?

Do you earn enough as an entertainer?

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Animator - The most important facts

  • Hardly in any other job are the wage differences as enormous as with the animator and the animator.
  • A salary of between 16,500 euros and 75,000 euros per year is possible.
  • Animators who work in a well-known hotel or holiday complex all year round earn particularly well.
  • As soon as their job is not seasonally limited, the salary can really be seen.

Salary differences by federal state

The entertainment of guests and vacationers in eastern Germany requires the same attention as in the western federal states, but is rewarded with a maximum salary of 28,000 euros.

Since the jobs are often seasonal, earnings are halved and can only be achieved during the holiday season. In the western federal states, the animator's salary is higher, so that he can achieve up to 45,000 a year, especially in Hamburg. The animator earns particularly well abroad with a German employer.

Higher earning opportunities abroad

The Germans' favorite hobby is traveling. He wants entertainment and excitement so that an entertainer is employed in the hotel, on cruises and in holiday resorts.

In Ibiza or Dubai, the entertainer can achieve a particularly high salary, as the tourists pay much more for their trip and so the entertainer's salary is set higher.

Commitment and flexibility with the animator are rewarded

Those who are flexible, travel a lot and educate themselves in various areas of the sporting and entertainment industry can earn a high top salary by animating hotel guests.

Find the right employer

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