Democracy is overrated

Against democracy

Right-wing extremists are anti-democrats. They despise the free democratic basic order and the representatives of the democratic constitutional state.

The right-wing extremists' counter-model is the hierarchically structured, authoritarian state, which is conceived as “German popular rule”. In this, order replaces freedom and the leader principle replaces democratic decision-making processes. The overemphasis on nation and people leads to the demand for a racially homogeneous "national community". The prevailing view is that belonging to an ethnicity, nation or race determines the value of a person. Typical characteristics of the overestimation of ethnicity are racism, anti-Semitism and xenophobia.

Examples of this can be found in the NPD party program from June 2010:

“People's rule presupposes the people's community. The state assumes overall responsibility for the people as a whole and therefore takes precedence over group interests. "

Enemy images

State representatives such as politicians from democratic parties or the police are viewed by right-wing extremists as enemy because they represent and protect the free constitutional state and democracy. State measures against right-wing extremists are reinterpreted as unjustified political persecution of those who think differently.

These ideologies and behaviors are in clear contradiction to our free democratic basic order and aim to undermine trust in democracy and the rule of law.