Why is Instagram full of teenagers

Exploring online identity in the age of Insta

Childhood and adolescence are a time when young people discover who they are and explore their identity, style and character. It is a time that helps young people develop their own values ​​and ideologies and dictates the choices they will make in the future.

Very few people actually choose their identity. instead, it arises from outside influences such as friends, family, and social interactions. We behave and present ourselves as we are expected to behave in this company. When this portrayal of ourselves is inconsistent with our actual values ​​and ideals, it can leave one feeling lost and confused about who they actually are.

Influence of social media on values ​​and identity

With the advent of the internet and social media, this process has shifted to both the online world and the offline world. With the internet and social media becoming an integral part of their lives rather than a tool, young people cannot distinguish between their close online friends and their offline friends. The internet and social media enable young people to find groups with similar interests and preferences and to join communities they may not have offline access to. In this way, they can grow and develop with the support of people with similar ideals. However, when the process is done online, the number of people who can influence young people increases from their small circle of friends and family to a potential pool of thousands of "friends" and "followers".

Dealing with instant feedback on social networks

While social media offers amazing opportunities to connect with a wider range of communities, the number of people who can give us feedback can be daunting. For young people trying to explore their identity, learning how to behave or what to look like in order to get “likes”, “followers” ​​or “snaps” from their online audience, it may be that preventing young people from expressing themselves fully and reaching their full potential.

Often young people internalize the values ​​and ideals of a parent, legal guardian or role model. Hence, it is important that these influencers play a leading role in supporting young people and building their identities.

Focus on the positive to encourage teenagers

It is recommended that you explore the online world with your child or young person and talk to them about any issues they may face, such as: B. Compliance pressure or negativity. Discuss how your child is feeling in the online world and encourage them to remember the positive qualities that make them unique.

The Internet was designed from the start as a tool for accessing information. Today it is much more. Online interaction is an important part of their development and should be treated like any other social interaction. However, it is important that parents and guardians take the time to talk to their teens about the positive and negative aspects of the online world and to help them find their own identity.