What does Sasuke mean in Japanese

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A wonderful good evening everyone and first of all a Happy New Year 2010

I'm writing in the forum because I've been scouring the Internet for ages (Wikipedia, Google and whatever), which is what the name Sasuke means in translation.

I know, theoretically you couldn't do more than search, but maybe someone knows the Japanese language well and can freely translate the name for me?

I would be very grateful for any help!

Lovely wishes,
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Without an exact spelling of the name, one can only guess.

Among other things, you can write Sasuke like this: 佐 助

Now you can simply look up the two characters in a Kanji dictionary:

http://lingweb.eva.mpg.de/kanji/index.html?kanji= 佐
See the German meaning for the pronounced "sa".

http://lingweb.eva.mpg.de/kanji/index.html?kanji= 助
See German meaning for pronunciation "suke".
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ENAMDICT supplies 35 variants for Sasuke / さ す け:

紗 透 【さ す け】 Sasuke (f) [G] [GI] [S] [A]
左 介 【さ す け】 Sasuke (g) [G] [GI] [S] [A]
佐 輔 【さ す け】 Sasuke (g) [G] [GI] [S] [A]
紗 助 【さ す け】 Sasuke (g) [G] [GI] [S] [A]
佐 介 【さ す け】 Sasuke (g) [G] [GI] [S] [A]
佐 助 【さ す け】 Sasuke (p, s, g) [G] [GI] [S] [A]
紗 介 【さ す け】 Sasuke (u) [G] [GI] [S] [A]
砂 輔 【さ す け】 Sasuke (u) [G] [GI] [S] [A]
佐佑 【さ す け】 Sasuke (u) [G] [GI] [S] [A]
作 助 【さ く す け】 Sakusuke (g) 【さ す け】 Sasuke (u) [G] [GI] [S] [A]
紗 丞 【さ す け】 Sasuke (u) [G] [GI] [S] [A]
沙 介 【さ す け】 Sasuke (u) [G] [GI] [S] [A]
紗 祐 【さ す け】 Sasuke (u) [G] [GI] [S] [A]
紗 佑 【さ す け】 Sasuke (u) [G] [GI] [S] [A]
早 佑 【さ す け】 Sasuke (u) [G] [GI] [S] [A]
左丞 【さ す け】 Sasuke (u) [G] [GI] [S] [A]
左 佑 【さ す け】 Sasuke (u) [G] [GI] [S] [A]
佐 丞 【さ す け】 Sasuke (u) [G] [GI] [S] [A]
砂 助 【さ す け】 Sasuke (u) [G] [GI] [S] [A]
早 祐 【さ す け】 Sasuke (u) [G] [GI] [S] [A]
砂 丞 【さ す け】 Sasuke (u) [G] [GI] [S] [A]
左 輔 【さ す け】 Sasuke (u) [G] [GI] [S] [A]
瑳 助 【さ す け】 Sasuke (u) [G] [GI] [S] [A]
砂 介 【さ す け】 Sasuke (u) [G] [GI] [S] [A]
沙 助 【さ す け】 Sasuke (u) [G] [GI] [S] [A]
沙佑 【さ す け】 Sasuke (u) [G] [GI] [S] [A]
沙 丞 【さ す け】 Sasuke (u) [G] [GI] [S] [A]
早 丞 【さ す け】 Sasuke (u) [G] [GI] [S] [A]
左 祐 【さ す け】 Sasuke (u) [G] [GI] [S] [A]
早 輔 【さ す け】 Sasuke (u) [G] [GI] [S] [A]
沙 輔 【さ す け】 Sasuke (u) [G] [GI] [S] [A]
左 助 【さ す け】 Sasuke (u) [G] [GI] [S] [A]
紗 輔 【さ す け】 Sasuke (u) [G] [GI] [S] [A]
嵯 介 【さ す け】 Sasuke (u) [G] [GI] [S] [A]
砂 佑 【さ す け】 Sasuke (u) [G] [GI] [S] [A]
彩 介 【さ い す け】 Saisuke (u) 【さ す け】 Sasuke (u) [G] [GI] [S] [A]
瑳 輔 【さ す け】 Sasuke (u) [G] [GI] [S] [A]
冴 介 【こ す け】 Kosuke (u) 【さ す け】 Sasuke (u) [G] [GI] [S] [A]
砂 祐 【さ す け】 Sasuke (u) [G] [GI] [S] [A]
茶 介 【さ す け】 Sasuke (u) [G] [GI] [S] [A]
早 介 【さ す け】 Sasuke (u) [G] [GI] [S] [A]
早 助 【さ す け】 Sasuke (u) 【は や す け】 Hayasuke (s) [G] [GI] [S] [A]
佐祐 【さ す け】 Sasuke (u) 【さ ゆ】 Sayu (f) [G] [GI] [S] [A]
沙祐 【さ す け】 Sasuke (u) 【さ ゆ い】 Sayui (f) [G] [GI] [S] [A]

s - surname (138,500)
p - place-name (99,500)
u - person name, either given or surname, as-yet unclassified (139,000)
g - given name, as-yet not classified by sex (64,600)
f - female given name (106,300)
m - male given name (14,500)

I would say that it is primarily a boy's name, but as you can see from the first entry, the name with the appropriate "female" characters can also be a girl's name. The translation, or should we say the meaning of the name, then depends on which of the 35 characters you choose (although this is of course unofficial if the boy does not have a Japanese passport).

System has already shown how to look up the meaning of a Kanji.

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Should you happen to mean the character from "Naruto":
his name is written in katakana, so you will not find a definitive answer.

(Just ignore that if you mean another Sasuke)