How are comics rated

State descriptions


We only evaluate the "whole" status levels, the intermediate levels (0-1, 1-2, etc.) are described in detail below, but for the sake of clarity, no price is given for the respective title.

If a percentage range from ... to ... is specified after the status level, this means that the prices can vary in this range, but in individual cases they can also deviate from this range of variation. The collector's price is the average price in the comic guide, i.e. with a range of 145 - 155% in condition 0, the corresponding rounded value of approx. 150% would be found as the collector's price.

The prices for intermediate levels are between the two named "whole" status levels.

Condition 0 (perfect) (approx. 150% of state 1)


A booklet with practically no dust on it. Only production-related irregularities such as minimal binding errors or other minimal printing defects that only become apparent at second glance can occur. The magazine should appear unread.

Condition 0-1 (almost perfect)


A new booklet, which you can only see at the second glance that it has been opened once. In addition to small production-related errors, there may also be minimal signs of storage (pressure point, bumped corner, rounding of a corner edge).

Condition 1 (very good) (Base price = 100%)


A booklet that looks as good as new, is almost flawless and may only have one or the other minor defect (e.g. small tear in the mm range, kink, tarnished brackets). However, these must not be noticeable at first glance and disturb the excellent overall impression of the magazine.

Condition 1-2 (almost very good)


A very neat booklet, in which a larger number of small errors may occur than in condition 1. Barely annoying lettering or stamps, slight water damage or slight soiling (the back) are conceivable. If it is an otherwise very good booklet, there may also be a single major defect such as a 2 cm crack or a small grease stain. Missing collective stamps must be indicated in any case.

Condition 2 (good) (approx. 40% of state 1)


A decent booklet, the overall impression of which can still be described as "good" without reservation. Defects may occur in a tolerable number and intensity: stamps or lettering, solved puzzles, kinks, cracks or soiling. The collective stamp or the collective image may be missing.

Condition 2-3 (still quite good)


A completely satisfactorily preserved, but recognizable "used" booklet. The intensity or accumulation of defects is greater than in condition 2. In addition, there may be: a stronger bulge, greater water damage, a larger crack (5 cm), clearer lettering as well as stick and other stains. Professionally restored notebooks (restoration must be specified !!) and those in which Tesa film was used sparingly (1 cm) also fall into this category. However, imperfections are only tolerated to an extent of a few mm.

Condition 3 (still worth collecting) (approx. 20% of state 1)


A complete but often read booklet. Additional defects may occur: proper gluing, minor imperfections (without loss of text), severe damage to the fold. The cover or the center page may be detached from the clips. Despite the many possible defects, the magazine is still in a collectable and not unsavory condition. Punched booklets in otherwise good condition also belong to this group. The perforation must be specified.

Condition 3–4 (bad)


An extremely heavily used booklet with a very large accumulation or intensity of defects. At least it still has reading value, even if it doesn't look particularly appetizing. Defects are larger, but do not interfere with the progress of the story. Incorrect bonds or other "restorations" with foreign material are also common. This category also includes punched notebooks in average condition, as well as trimmed notebooks from anthologies.

State 4 (too good to throw away) (approx. 10% of state 1)


Even in this condition, the booklet in the comic section must be complete and still have the cover pages. Editorial pages may be missing, however. Anything is allowed in terms of defects. Paintings of pictures may occur as well as larger pieces may be missing. Comics in this state usually only serve as placeholders.



Issues that are not complete in the comic section cannot be included in the status system. They are not subject to any evaluation and can simply be described as an "incomplete comic" ("Condition 5" = scrap).